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Finer Diamonds - finerdiamonds.com
137 E Kemper Rd, Cincinnati - (513) 671-2554
also doing business as eBay finerd116i19 (store)

The eBay store frequently starts diamond semi mounts and diamond rings at a very low no-reserve opening bid like $199 when they have no intention of following through with a sale at that low price. They cancel bids and end the auction just before it closes due to "an error on the listing." Then later, you will find the exact same item relisted at a no-reserve opening bid of $375 or $400 & up, approximately whatever the item would be listed at in a pawn shop or store that sells used jewelry.

If you are interested in buying from them, be aware of this practice. Bookmark or better yet, print, the auctions and the BIN listings of items that you are interested in that are not sold. Watch for them to be relisted at higher prices that are more the fair market price.
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Oh, and I see a few semi mounts that were originally only $199 and they've come back form the dead and are not $650. I don't mind vendors trying to make a profit, but I do get irate when thy ecancel my bids and then I find the item back for sale at a considerably higher price.
I've noticed that a lot of sellers on ebay are doing this now. And it's always the same excuse of "error in listing" or "item was lost or broken". Then they list it again.

I've even seen private sellers create two listings. One with no reserve, and then one with a reserve. They will have the same pic, and which ever sells for more they cancel the other. Does that make sense?
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Now you can list your first 5 items for free every 30 days. Started in June. But, you gotta pay that percentage thing if it sells.

I think that was a pretty good idea for private sellers.
Run finerdiamond through toolhous.org and you'll see that they've also not followed through with sales afterwrd, claiming that the item was already sold.
I have bought two really great semi mounts from them, though. And they did actually follow through with the sale. But it's interesting that they can't be counted on to do so. There was an ebay vendor that I bought a mounting from and immediately PayPal'd the p'mt to, that refunded it just as fast and refused to answer any inquiries. The vendor name was not Finerdiamond, but I think it was them under a different name. They started 18k diamond mountings really low then refused to follow through w/ a sale if it wasn't bid up high enough.

But I occasionally track what they "sell" or what times out w/ no bids, and then magically relist later at a higher starting price, if I have time to kill.

Oxford Diamond's twin, Omega Diamond, has also been neg'd for offering items in their store that they later say are not available for sale. They did me that way once, too. But Oxford and Omega have such a stale product line anymore, plus they lack all of the really nice higher grade semimounts that they used to have, so I don't even pay any attention to them now.
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That's the ring that just returned. It would be great for a Asha OEC or a gemstone. Pretty, but not for an ideal cut diamond. Daintier than the hand shots made it look. Proportioned for .6ct to 1ct. I would say. 18k but the pave diamonds are average in cut and clarity. Looks great like the pics in candlelight or spots or LEDs or sun but slightly cloudy otherwise. It's a pretty ring, no mistake, but I wanted it for the F SI2 GOG diamond and it just doesn't have that zing. I wondered if they shipped me a lesser quality mounting than they took the pics of, like the Home Shopping Club TV show used to do. From the ebay pics, I thought I'd get a better performer.

The YG 18k that I bought from them back in May is a stunner and worth every penny.
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