Ebay Returns Policy-Buyer Be Ware!

I'm posting this to let everyone know that Ebay does not like returns! They keep a tally of how many times you return a purchase and it doesn't matter if the seller allows returns, the item was defective, etc. Ebay has to refund seller fees whe a buyer returns an item, thus cutting into eBay profits . If you make too many returns, you will be tagged as a "difficult " buyer and will not be covered by the so-called " eBay Buyer Protection Program" if you have a problem with any of the less-than-honest sellers who have flooded the eBay listings with defective,counterfeit, stolen good, or shady selling practices.Ebay is truly a BUYER BE WARE online marketplace!
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Yucko!! I've had so many issues as a buyer AND seller on eBay it's insane. But they seem to monopolize on the fact that they're, often times, the best option for both buyer and seller.

Thanks for this info!
Yes, so have I. After 14 years as a buyer and a seller, the stories I could tell! The last incident was the last straw for me. Ebay seems to have the mindset that they can do whatever they please and treat people however they please cuz they are the big guys. As far as I'm concerned,that is also the description of a bully! From now on, if I can't find it anywhere else but ebay, then I don't really need it!