Ebay Buyer Scam on the rise

I wasn't sure where to post this. But, since the Bistro has been difficult for some sellers, and there have been recent discussion of resorting to Ebay as a means to sell; I thought I would mention this recent buyer difficulty (which my research indicates is a common scam which is really on the rise right now):

You make the sale, and everything is great (except buyer seems to be in rather a hurry to receive). Buyer receives the item, and you have proof of delivery; hopefully. Buyer pays via PP, and you have the money in your account........until....

Buyer contacts you and claims that the item is SNAD (significantly not as described). This could be anything you missed on your listing; ie "You said it was pretty, and it isn't" ha-ha.

Anyways, they ask you for a partial refund, not a return. (For some reason they want to keep this item that is SNAD)---this would be your red flag! Then, when you refuse and offer to accept it in original condition for a full refund; they file a dispute with PP (which of course causes PP to pull the funds away from you). Okay, then they tell you they will escalate this to a claim if you don't send them their partial refund immediately and allow them to keep the item. You refuse (or, as I did; just go ahead and call their bluff and escalate the thing yourself; since you are more than willing to take it back and issue a refund.) My claim will close tomorrow; and of course the decision was for them to return the item for a refund. The funds have been pulled and tied up nearly a month; item (gee, does this surprise me) has never been shipped back for the refund, and the money "should" be released tomorrow.

Just FYI, this was not a jewelery item; but obviously can occur with any item.

One site refers to this trend as "PP Extortion". Basically, the threat is, unless you give them some money back on the original purchase (essentially a discount) and allow them to keep the item they bought, they will file a claim/dispute or do a chargeback on their credit card. You are probably already familiar with the same thing when they refer to it as "Feedback Extortion". (Which, I really think is <span style="text-decoration: underline">sometimes</span> the best response from the seller..go ahead and give them the "discount" ...but, you will have to consider each case individually.)

I only escalated due to the fact that the buyer became uncommunicable, insulting and angry when they didn't get an immediate "discount" and I thought it best to just allow PP to handle it and have no further personal communications. Maybe I should have just "paid them off", but each seller will have to determine that for themselves, and it relies a lot on the behavior of the buyer--are they reasonable and can you communicate with them; or are they all threats and insults, without reason? And, again, why in the world would they not want to return for a full refund?

But, again, this is just one of the risks that we have to take, even as a tiny, individual seller. Be aware that this can happen even if you only sell one or two items a year.
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Thank you for telling us your experience. Some people are probably trying to scam money outright and then others probably have some form of buyers remorse after they receive the item - they want the item but feel they overpaid so make up an excuse why they should get a partial refund.

That explains why I saw something a few days ago on Ebay I've never seen before - the seller stated for a piece of jewelry:

"No partial refunds given for ANY reason. Only full refunds after the item is returned. Buyer pays return postage."

I have a no returns policy on Ebay but I think I will also start a no partial refund policy too, especially for more expensive items or for jewelry.
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Dana ♥

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i have certainly asked for partial refunds before - not trying to rip anyone off (i buy and sell on ebay, and my husband is a huge powerseller and one of the biggest sellers in his category) but sometimes people flat out lie or are deliberately misleading in their listings.

most recent example: i bought a ring (there's a shock, eh?) that was described as "brand new and unworn"

so when i got it, how come it was covered in scratches, and filthy underneath the stones?

yes, it can be cleaned and polished, but the scratches are too deep to really be removed by a polishing cloth.

the seller refused to give a partial refund (they offered a full refund if i returned the item).

i haven't decided what i will do just yet.
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I have never sold via EBAY..just too afraid to do so. I am starting to buy a little on EBAY...but have had much luck with purchases, luckily, in the last year or two. I try NOT to buy on EBAY...and go elsewhere...but this is a huge lesson for all of us.

SO sorry LW, that you had that happen.


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wench34 said:
I have never sold via EBAY..just too afraid to do so. I am starting to buy a little on EBAY...but have had much luck with purchases, luckily, in the last year or two. I try NOT to buy on EBAY...and go elsewhere...but this is a huge lesson for all of us.
+1 and that goes for Craigslist as well. I'm probably missing out on some great deals but I just don't want to chance it. I was a basket case my 1st time just buying from the Bistro - and that was with great references from some longtime members, too!
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I'm too scared to buy/sell thru ebay. I love the bistro because I can trust the forum members here.

So far I've purchased from two ladies and my transactions were fantastic. If only buying/selling thru ebay, craigslist were that easy...

sorry about what happened, hope it gets solved soon
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I hate to be a downer - but the two most miserable experiences I have ever had (and I sell on ebay occasionally) were on Diamond Bistro. I posted them on the feedback section.
I recommend that you always show caution and check references - even on DB.
oh I'm sorry to hear this.
I meant on the bistro, I bought from two reputable sellers.

I'd be scared of buying from the sellers that have stock photos and come out of nowhere.
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Every since ebay hobbled the sellers and shifted the balance of power to the buyers, I've been waiting for the scams to start. To top it off, ebay and PayPal can take money out of a seller's bank account or charge it against the credit card on file whenever a PITA buyer whines that it's a SNAD. -- And -- the seller can't even post a negative feedback for a crappy buyer that tries to scam, or doesn't pay, or files a bogus complaint or whatever. What I have seen sellers do is post scathing negative comments as positive feedback, lol. Like this, with caps and arrows, hehe:
And ebay apparently isn't too pronto at removing that kind of feedback. &gt;;-D I don't cheat anyone on items I sell. If it has damage, or something not right, or worn out, I show and describe it thoroughly.

Be sure to add that buyer to your blocked bidder list, Ladywolfe.
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AdaBeta27 said:
I don't cheat anyone on items I sell. If it has damage, or something not right, or worn out, I show and describe it thoroughly.
That's what I do on Ebay too. If I'm not sure of something or don't have complete information, I state so. I post lots of clear photos and invite questions. I have both received and given a partial refund when something wasn't as stated but those were minor errors like a wrongly listed ring size. There's a difference between saying "The ring is approximately a size 7" and saying "The ring is a size 7". If I read the first sentence in a listing, I'd think it could be a size 6 up to a size 8, so will decide if that's acceptable to me before bidding. With the second statement, I expect it to be a size 7. And if I get the ring and it's a size 6, I can't demand a partial refund if the size was given as approximate. But if it was given as a definate and then comes and is a size 6, I might ask for a partial refund to offset sizing costs. I've passed over bidding on rings because after taking into account the cost to size it, it's no longer a good enough deal to justify purchasing. It sucks when you do bid and win and then find out the seller was off 2 sizes from what was stated! That happened to me once & considering the ring was platinum, it was costly to size so yes, I asked for a partial refund and the seller gave it to me verses taking the ring back and issuing a full refund.

It's just best to err on the side of caution when listing something to protect yourself as a seller.
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There is no such thing on Ebay as no refunds. A bidder can return an item for <span style="text-decoration: underline">any</span> reason and get a <span style="text-decoration: underline">full refund</span>. There are many clothing sellers on their who sell and item, send it out in perfect condition and get it back three weeks later with stains and obvious wear and have to refund. Even after complaining to ebay and paypal that the item returned worn and damaged they still have to pay. Even when they provide photgraphic proof before and after.
The partial refund issue is the biggest scam going right now.
Paypal has a policy of the "buyer is always right" and the seller can just eat it.
Wait until everyone starts buying their christmas doo dads. They'll buy them, use them for a month and then send them back all tore up. Their refund comes no matter what.
Notice that ebay only allows sellers to use paypal or the other auto payment deals. If a seller accepts a money order, they'll probably get a computer generated one and not find out till their bank kicks it back at them as forged. The seller is again "burned"
The feedback system is a lie. The sellers have to sell blind. Its a scammers bonanza!
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