Don't know if anyone would be interested...

I am a photographer solely by hobby, but I've been doing it for years and have an online Gallery that I'm trying to get off the ground as a part time job since I'm out of work right now. The photos are for sale (as well as other items the photos can be put onto - cards, aprons etc), and with Christmas coming up etc, I'm trying to spread the word. I always have a hard time coming up with unique, meaningful gifts, so I thought maybe a certain picture would catch someones eye if it reminded them of something someone they know loved etc. (Like, someone I know loves Pelicans - and I have a ton of photos of them so I think it would be a thoughtful and original gift). If anyone is interested in checking it out PM me and I will send you the link (I don't want my name etc just out there for all to see...), and then feel free to share with your family members and friends - the more traffic I can get the better! Thank you in advance!

So yeah, this may be the wrong place to post it, but I only wanted you guys that are registered to be able to see. So mods, if this is the wrong place can we just delete it instead of moving it? Thanks
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