Do you think marquise shape diamonds are making a come back?

No, I don't think they're making a comeback, but I wouldn't really know since I'm not in the diamond business.

I think pears are a more modern alternative to a marquise. To me, they give the same effect without making a ring look dated. I prefer marquise stones as accents vs center stones.

My ring is being made by David Klass in yellow gold with a round center, two pear sidestones, and two small rounds as accents. I personally love yellow gold whether it is "in" or not, but ny ring will probably look dated to some. You can't please 'em all
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Nope, you can't please them all. Though I was watching Say Yes to the Dress last week and they were spotlighting a few of their viewers rings and of the 3 or 4 they showed, 2 were marquise cuts. So maybe they are gaining in popularity.

I saw this ring the other day and it was really pretty. It made me stop and think what a lovely style.



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I saw that in SYTTD!! I thought that too, and it was cool to see. Either that, or the person that pics which pics to show just loves marquise, lol.