Do you think marquise shape diamonds are making a come back?

diamondangel said:
As far as trends go, the halo is starting to wain as is white metal except platinum. Yellow gold and platinum are still quite hot.
Our store still gets requests for rings in sterling silver because of price. Not so much yellow gold yet except for older customers.
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I don't know if they're making a comeback, I feel like I've seen more of them recently and seeing/reading more positive comments about maybe they are.

I'm pretty sure I don't dislike any cuts of diamonds, I have favorites, and least favorites but nothing I would say no to!

I really like marquise cuts, I am thinking about getting a marquise diamond RHR, a .35-.5 carat will have a decent presence and still be affordable!

My aunt has a marquise halo in yellow gold and it is gorgeous!
Well, my engagement ring is a marquise diamond with sidestones and I adore it. It gets a lot of compliments, too, I guess because you don't see them that often. I now wear round moissanites most of the time, but they don't garner compliments and comments like my marquise does.
I didnt use to be a fan of the marquise shaped diamond, but here lately I have had a hankering to get one, I have seen some beautiful rings with this shape. Is it making a comeback not really sure yet...time will tell.
When I got married to my first husband, I got a marquise diamond for my engagement ring. I loved it. When my current husband and I were discussing engagement rings for me, he didn't know what it was called, but he wanted to get me a marquis-he described it and I told him what it was called and said I had it with my first marriage, and I didn't mind it again, but he quickly poopooed the idea. I would get one in a red hot minute. Don't care if they are out of style. I would get one because you don't see it coming and going. You see so many bezel sets and halos and plain solitaires or rings with the three stones, and they are all the usual shapes. Marquis would be definitely different than round, cushion and princess stones out there, not that I'm dissing them, but like I said, you don't see the marquise stone coming and going. I drool whenever I see the rare woman wearing one. However, I like my marquise stones perfectly proportioned--don't like the really skinny ones or the really fat ones. I've seen both, but mostly the really skinny cut ones, I guess giving the appearance of a bigger carat stone. I wished BTD sold the marquise stone to the public-I noticed they sold a few but it was wholesale purchase, so figured that mere mortals weren't allowed to buy one, otherwise, I would of got one.


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I love marquise diamonds... my original ering and promise ring are both marquise and I've always loved them.. But really I don't look at it as coming back in style or a cut being out of style... really it's all about the person and what they like.. I'll always go bananas over a nice fat marquise no matter the carat weight.. makes me drool everytime
.. so if you really like a cut... I say go for it!!!
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You all keep the marquise diamonds! I'll take a big, perfect emerald cut any day, as I don't do pointy stones.

If I ever get engaged again, I want the ring to be an EC!
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I think they will hit a price point where they become popular again because they can look so big for their ct weight.

I always wanted a three stone like this. I think the original may have been a Tiffany's style in '70s and I know it was being copied in CZ by early '80s. I want the marquis to be a bit old fashioned cut and fatter, though. I don't like the long narrow ones, haha.
I really like marquise cuts too. But not skinny marquise. Fatter ones. I think it all depends on the mounting in regards to dating a ring or not. Buy a diamond you love. Buy the mounting you love. And if 10, 20, whatever years down the line the mounting seems dated, get a new one and put a pretty gemstone or CZ in the old mounting. Hold on to it long enough, it will probably come back in style.

Basically, I think ANY shape of diamond if well cut, of good color and clarity NEVER goes out of style if you truly love it. And just for a little perspective, sometimes I think women worry more about the ring they're getting and choosing it and evaluating it and trying to figure out how it will be for the long run in regards to quality and longevity and all that, then they do the guy they're marrying!!
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My *baby* girl gave me a marquise loose diamond for my 50th this year. I had it set in my mom's original engagement ring setting - had the head replaced for Marquise and sized down for my pinky finger or to wear up at the first knuckle/fingertip ring :0)
CherokeeGirl said:
My *baby* girl gave me a marquise loose diamond for my 50th this year. I had it set in my mom's original engagement ring setting - had the head replaced for Marquise and sized down for my pinky finger or to wear up at the first knuckle/fingertip ring :0)
Cute! You have to post a picture!
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