Dishonest Buyer of Amora Gem Ultra Madina Valieva

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cell number 704-907-7868 or Home 704992 9361 thanks
AKA Contact Name: David
Contact Phone: (980) 786-5545
Contact Name: Lexi
Contact Phone: (561) 542-0209
AKA Alexander I Kogan
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Long story short. Buyer knew he was purchasing a stone still in a ring, it was shipping to ID back to TX and then to NC. He decided a week was taking to long, and initiated a paypal dispute for non-delivery. THEN when he had the tracking number he went on UPS, acted as me, to have the item shipped back to me on my dime (To an incorrect address as well!). I warned Wink and the BTD people that no matter how good the offer may seem. Steer clear!

loose 2.11ct Amora Gem Ultra H&A : Amora GEM

Hope this saves some hassle!