Diamonna vs MossaniteCo H&A vs Amora Gem (Soaring Hearts and Ultra) vs Forever One

Hi! Busy week, but we got it on Wednesday! The stone looks really good I can't keep it in its box! I am so anxious to get it set, but that will mean I have to let it go for a while! I have been in communication with Ron and are currently waiting to see the design. He has been great! Here are some pics! I honestly don't think the pics do it justice. It doesn't capture it's true essence! Most are from natural sunlight. I tried uploading a few more, but I keep getting a message saying they are too large! :( Oh, and I'm no photographer lol


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Hi guys! I taught I could add my two cents to the conversation as well:) after debating for a while which diamond alternative to choose ( and this forum helped me immensely) I finally order the Diamelia Gem. Well I got it yesterday as I have to say its amazing! The arrows are very delicate and subtle ( unlike Amora) and the sparkle is to die for. In my opinion it's extremely diamond like and I honestly would never be able to tell the difference. I tried to capture its beauty with my iPhone and although the pictures don't do its justice I hope they help.