Diamond Rant

So I had a little free time yesterday afternoon (which I never do) and I had to go to a mall to buy something. I decided to stop into Mayors Jewelry to try on some diamond engagement rings, oh boy, I've actually never done that. My husband and I never went engagement ring shopping. It all happened very quickly and we just never did it. All I have to say is wow, just wow. I'd heard of B & M stores being expensive, but this was insane. I tried on several rings but my favorite was this lovely halo with a round brilliant center. If I'm not mistaken the center diamond was 1.31 VS1 H color and the halo I didn't get the stats on. But the ring was priced at 19K!!! That's 19 thousand dollars!!! Insane!!! A similar center diamond through BlueNile was around 9k. I just find it appalling that these stores charge so much and people pay it. Makes me feel better to shop online and use diamond alternatives.
Okay, rant over. lol
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I'm with you Lola! My hubby bought my original e-ring from a B&M jewelry store and I was appalled at what he paid for the quality of the diamond. I was able to do some finagling and was able to return the ring even though we had upgraded it later. We used that money to have the custom ring of my dreams made w/ moissy and saved the rest of the money to put towards a house. One of the best decisions we've ever made and I'm beyond thrilled with my e-ring!
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Yes, I think that is an incredibly smart decision. After 6 years together, two kids, a mortgage and trying to start a business, I couldn't imagine ever spending that kind of money on a piece of jewelry. The only way that I would justify spending that kind of money would be if we were making several hundred thousand dollars a year. And even then, I don't like feeling like I'm being ripped off which means I'd probably buy online and not in a B&M store.
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