Diamond Nexus Labs get even slimier.....


I feel bad for the woman that actually believes them. It just goes to show you that you cant believe anything that you read, and that you must do alot of investigation to find reputable jewelers such as the ones on these boards....


Ha isn't that funny!! You HATE them and yet they advertise on your site?? I was just in the coffee shop thread and there it was on the top. I am sure you have no control over the google adds but still.......


The Centenary Diamond
Before I came here, I almost ordered from them. But being that I've had so many CZs, theirs just didn't look all that convincing to me (and I've seen and owned plenty), never mind all the nonsense about being man-made diamonds. I'm glad I didn't
I have a few gorgeous rings I bought from the nice ladies on here that I actually wear as opposed to just laying in their boxes. DNL would definitely have just continued to lay in it's box. I feel very bad for anyone who ordered from them expecting high quality jewelry only to find out that it is a plain old CZ. Nothing wrong with a CZ at all, just admit to what is being sold.
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I almost bought a cz from DNL about a year ago, but I was smart enough to do a little research online first, thankfully! The funny part is, before I knew how awful they were, I requested a catalog. I guess I'm still on their mailing list, because I get catalogs every few month. However, it does make me smile to think how much money they are wasting by sending me catalogs that automatically go into the trash! Those catalogs are thick, and are probably expensive!
Before finding Asha I nearly purchased a DNL, at first I could not believe that 'Man Made Diamonds' were such great prices, but, being me, I read up on the site a bit - and I am so glad I did.
The only positve reviews seem to be planted by overly aggressive DNL employees who wite contradicting statements about whether or not they are employees and attack anyone who questions DNL.
If I had not been so nerdy, have to know everything about anything I order I would have purchased their stuff.
But on the other side of the diamond simulant scale I like that Asha is so confidant and honest about their product that they have forums on their own site, full of happy customers.
I did order from them and was greatly disappointed. It wasn't the cz that I found so disappointing as the crappy workmanship and the fakey "english" accents all the operators have. The ring I got was actually brown all around the head from improper soldering and the head wasn't centered! They did refund my money quickly, so points for that... If you want to annoy them better than wasting trees on catalogs you don't intend to use, give their customer service a call. The faux accents may be good for a giggle so long as you don't actually need service!