Diamond Nexus fails independent gemological review


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Oooo, I can't wait to hear how your meeting with them goes! Please do post details!

I will say I don't think you're absolutely crazy, if I had the time and they were nearby I would totally go and do the same thing! I sort of do actually, when I bring up moissanite to associates in jewelry stores that I know look down on it and anyone who loves them or is curious.

Why isn't there a "ihatediamondnexuslabs.com" site yet?! LOL!
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It is so wrong that they advertise as being "Perfect Manmade Diamonds" when they are NOT diamonds. That should be illegal. And if you read carefully, they throw around words like synthetic and simulant, so by the time you are done reading you're so confused!
I almost fell into the trap but wised up thankfully. It's so expensive for what? Regular old CZ, and plus their yellow gold looks awful.
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I bought a diamond nexus ring less than a year ago for $145. A total ripoff! A stone recently fell out and it cost me $8 shipping plus a $45 resetting fee to have it fixed. A week after I got it back, another stone fell out. Such a crappy crappy product. The platinum plating that is "guaranteed for life never to fade" has worn off, and the ring looks dull. I left a negative review on the website, but surprise, surprise, it was removed. Or never even published in the first place. No wonder all of their rings have 4-5 star reviews! I am going to contact the company today and hopefully get my money back. Such a fraud. Wish I'd done more research. Stay away from DNL!
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Im a newbie that has been lurking around on BTD for the past month - and i'm so glad i found it, but unfortunately found it too late. I'm going to post on this since the topic has been stickied and hopefully like all you above, possibly help someone else from being robbed by this company DNL! Very long story short, original diamond ring engagement set was stolen a couple months into marriage
- started looking into cheaper alternative for a replacement, DNL somehow popped up and their fancy advertising and "amazing service" used as a tool to convince you that you are in "good hands" - i entrusted them with $3000+ liaising all the way from Australia - all seemed well for a couple months, until... a few stones went missing from my bands, shipped back at my expense $75 later, replaced for "free" (yet i was paying for shipping)... couple weeks after it returned, out goes another stone from the band, and the centre stone scratched on the side and looking disgusting even after cleaned with their special products... angry emails and phone calls later, i ship back again at my expense - its "fixed" - all is ok yet again for for a month or so, the metal changed colour, the stones were grey regardless how many times i cleaned it daily with a toothbrush.
Not even a year into marriage, the heartbreak of a stolen expensive wedding ring set, the robbery of over $3000 from this ludicrous company, i'm just devastated and fed up. I gave up, i didnt bother with another email, another call - i just didnt want to bother with it anymore.

Fast forward and i found BTD last month (thank god and thank you ALL for your contributions on here), researched as much as i could, and to avoid putting a serious hole in hubbys pocket to fork out another few thousand dollars, i happily bought stones from Chris and having Amcor set them in a few different styles,(i figured i deserve it lol and truthfully the meaning in a diamond, diamond simulant, moissanite gemstone, fake shitty dnl cz or whatever has lost its meaning to me, so im happy to go with a good quality cz and get the look for less, coz God knows the last year has been a very expensive lesson)back to Amcor their customer service is awesome, they are helpful and have put up with my million and one emails, im just pedantic, but do you blame me?

So whoever gets here next - you have clear warnings... avoid the hype, the sugar coat, the rainbows and fairies over at their site. It will leave you disappointed and robbed! STEER CLEAR!
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So so so frustrated!!

In a weird backwards round about way, I got into a discussion about DNL on Facebook. Someone posted an article about how diamonds are really worthless, DeBeers marketing etc..... This man then commented that his friend owns a company that makes this wonderful perfect stone that fooled Tiffanys and is only one small chemical away from being a diamond, isn't CZ and that the entire industry had to create a special diamond tester so that people could tell the difference from a real diamond and this wonder stone.

Turns out, his friends company is DNL.

Oh man! When I very nicely pointed out some things about DNL and said they were CZ did he get angry and very personal. Told me that DeBeers launced a smear campaign against DNL and that no one wants DNL to exist due to how perfect they are and said that my opinion is void since I said the stones were stones were CZ and that I fell for the smear campaign.

So, really?!?! Now DNL is saying that the industry had to make special testers and that DeBeers cared about their existence and enough to start a smear campaign?!?! Ugh!! Must be nice to live in the land of unicorns and fairies!!


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The more I think about this, the more angry I become. And it has also made me wonder how involved in DNL this man really is.

I said that they had been sued. He immediately responded with- yeah, sued and lost!

I then said that I was glad to see that the web site has changed. Man made diamonds isn't plastered all over anymore. He then said that I was a joke. That the site is the same and that their claims haven't changed since day one. (Even though I showed him screen shots from the old site that clearly said man made diamonds) He then went on to say that I was incorrect in my statement that they were sued and then forced to changed the website. Um, small problem..... I NEVER SAID THAT!! Is someone maybe giving out more info than they should?!

The way this man became so unbelieveably enraged really makes me think he is in on DNL.
DNL also sells lab diamonds, and DeBeers did invent a special tester to tell lab diamonds from mined diamonds. However a lab diamond IS a diamond, and is not one chemical away from being anything.

I've always assumed that they sell the diamonds so that they can make truthful statements about the diamonds in a way that leads people to think they are talking about the cubic zirconia.

DeBeers doesn't exactly have a smear campaign against lab diamonds, but they go out of their way to convince people that mined stones are better and that you are cheating yourself if you buy a lab stone. At the same time they do NOTHING to stop the cheats like DNL. So in that sense DeBeers IS running a smear campaign against lab diamonds. They are letting Diamond Nexus claim that they are no different from the $10 cubic zirconia they sell.


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From my understanding, they don't actually sell lab diamonds. If you ask, you are told that it isn't cost effective blah blah blah....

And the industry of lab diamonds is very different from DNL. The industry DID NOT create a tester to distinguish between DNL stones and diamonds and DeBeers DID NOT create or engage in a smear campaign directly againt DNL.