Diamlady's Winfield's stone pictures


BTD Crown Jewel
8mm Lightest Yellow Cushion
8mm Canary Yellow Flanders
9x7mm Dark Yellow Radiant

Lightest Yellow Cushion

Canary Flander's Brilliant

deep yellow radiant

I forgot that I wanted to say this...

In the second picture I had posted, the canary stone is behind the deep yellow and I think it picked up some of the deep tones. When I look at the third pic (copied here), these are more the true colors I see. The canary is very definitely yellow and not brown or orangey AT ALL!
Here are a few more with the colorless round added for comparison...


In sunlight...

from behind, in sunlight...
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BTD Crown Jewel
This is the Lightest Yellow color: Taken indoors with a "daylight" lamp.

Shown next to a colorless round with a fingerprint on it

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BTD Crown Jewel
Left to Right:
6.5mm generic cut corner princess (looks more like a radiant facet pattern to me)
6mm Signity Star princess
6mm Van Graff princess (has more of an "x" pattern)
8mm interlap Asscher

Measurements are based on my calipers measurement. Although the cut corner princess looks bigger to me than just a 1/2mm difference.

WOW those pictures are amazing!!!!!, the colors are so pretty and I definitely love the jubilee

Thanks for the wonderful pics


BTD Crown Jewel
Oops! I'm sorry...I worked on this thread under a pasta-induced sleepy fog.

Thanks for the correction. Here is a Jubilee pic. I will try to get better ones today since the sun has finally come out.

10mm colorless Jubilee


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The Imperial Diamond
I will try to remember to ask Sheila to send you one with the other stones that she is sending you today.


P.S. Rhonda is going to help me. (Beach Boys, come on, you know the tune! She has graciously agreet to take pictures of our colors so we are sending her a BUNCH of colored Interlaps.


The Imperial Diamond
Thanks so much for this thread!!!!!!!

These pictures AMAZE me!!!!!! They are wonderful!!!!

I have an 8mm Interlap cushion in the Sunset color, and it is UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS!!!!