Diamelia vs. NEO Moissanite vs. C&C H&A Moissanite

Hi, everyone. I am interested in the Diamelia but would like to be extra certain before purchasing because of the stores' restocking charges. I know of their basic differences -- Diamelia has a smooth, thicker girdle unlike diamond, NEO resembles diamond in specs, and H&A has the H&A cut but less sparkle. I have read all the talk.jewelry threads on diamelia but am still unsure. What do you think of the three types of gems? Which is your favorite? I would love to see pictures of your gems! Thank you!
There's another thread from earlier this week and someone ordered the Diamelia and the F1 H&A to compare. She got the second one today so I'm sure she will post her findings! Personally, I don't care for the fire of C&C, even though everyone else seems to love them. If I had to choose a round I would go with NEO because I've heard it's got less fire and looks the most like a diamond. That's until I heard about Diamelia, and from what I'm reading it's pretty spectacular. Looking forward to seeing how it measures up to the F1 H&A!