Delicious accident!

My FH's nephew's birthday party was this weekend and I was put in charge of making rice krispy treats for some reason. After a batch of treats made with cocoa krispies (delicious!) and fruity pebbles (very pretty!) I'd run out of marshmallows. I borrowed a bag from a relative, but they were a bit old and didn't melt very easily. Since it took longer to melt the mallows, I noticed that the butter had started to brown, but decided to go with it because who doesn't love browned butter?! OMmmmG!!! I don't think I will ever be able to make them without browning the butter ever again! It made then taste so rich and decadent, it might not be as good with the flavored cereals, but for the regular rice krispy treats, I highly recommend trying!
Oh! For those who don't know, browned butter is when you cook butter until the milk solids brown and the water evaporates. The result is, for lack of any other term, extra buttery tasting butter, lol. It'll even make dirt taste good! It's very easy to do on the stove, just be careful not to brown it so much that it burns.


my mom used to brown the butter making rice crispy treats all the time by accident. she just put the butter on too long before adding the marshmallows. we loved it every time. especially if the marshmallow gets crispy in the pan...omg.
Lol, with mine it is brownies! If I had more energy tonight, I would make them, but he is offering to help, and I am not making a move to that kitchen! I cooked dinner, lol!