Deciding on a wedding band..what do you think!

hi, such pretty jewels

I think the pave band looks perfect. Makes a really great set. The plain is a nice contrast, if you want to set off your e-ring a bit more. I think the prong overpowers everything.
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Hi !

My e-ring is actually a round channel cathedral setting. I don't even know how many carats it is. lol. I don't want to ask him. It doesn't really matter. I do love the prong because it just looks perdy, but it is a little overpowering the e-ring. =-) The simple plain band is very appealing because it does make the e-ring stand out more and the pave, well it's just so dainty that I love it too! It's so hard to decide!! Here's a ring that I was thinking of also... What do you think?

But THANK YOU SO MUCH, ladies for your opinions!!! These three rings are already in my jewelry box that's why I tried them on thinking I wouldn't have to buy a new wedding ring, except for the prong because it's CZ and not silver plated. That one was just for fun.
Agreed with the prong one being too much. Pave makes it look like a set, but plain makes your beautiful e-ring really stand out!
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If it is roumd channel set. I would do a channel set band with rounds as well. Make it look like a matched set, or do the plain band.


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First, buy a new wedding ring! I mean, if you really really really want to use a band you have already you could but your wedding ring IMO should be special and something used for only that purpose. My wedding band is for more special and meaningful to me than my e-ring.

Second- sometimes things come as a set. Did he get a band when he got the e-ring? Or is a coordinating one available?

Third- what about complimenting his band? Is that something either of you would want?

Lastly- congrats!! Hope you have a wonderful wedding
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Agreed on buying a new wedding ring. ;-) I feel it is more special than the e-ring as well. However, I feel the e-ring is important too especially since he spent so much time picking it out with his daughter He wasn't sure if I wanted to use it as an all in one wedding ring so he didn't get a set., which is fine but I really want a separate wedding ring.

I will take him ring shopping and see what he likes and then maybe we can match. I'll keep you all updated! And thank you all so much!!
I actually love the plain band with your setting. What if you have a (very talented) jeweler hand-engrave a design on the outside? His ring could be engraved to match, or if he wants something simple you could have his engraving done on the inside. Just my 2c. Have fun shopping!