the date on the invoice (ref. link) and the date on the "diamond pendant makeover" both 11/20/12. Did Dawn write two separate checks to DK on the same day for jewelry repairs? Or did someone try to make me pay for her "diamond pendant makeover"? All the fingers were pointing at me for being a low life scum, but could they have been pointing in the wrong direction? https://skydrive.live.com/view.aspx?Bsrc...AD_2ndLKoWzq2eM
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You really aren't serious are you?? You've left out so many details, its ridiculous! And now, you are accusing her of filing false evidence in court? She posted pictures of her new pendant ON THE 20th. She wouldn't have paid for it AND had it in hand same day! David Klass ships jewelry to the vast majority of his clients and you have to pay before he makes something! There is no way she paid for it, had it made and had it in her hand all the same day!

You really don't know how to just leave well enough alone.

There is so much more I want to say about you, your character and the way you conduct yourself but you are hardly worth my time or me getting banned from this board. Which I assure you would happen if I wrote what I really thought of you.

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