David Klass

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but has anyone heard from David Klass recently? We had been emailing back and forth about a project I would like to start but I haven't heard back from him in a few days. Does anyone know if he's on vacation or at a conference?
This happened to me recently and after several unanswered emails, I thought David was ignoring me! Turned out, several of my emails ended up in his spam folder.
I contacted his assistant through Facebook and she asked him to check on my emails which he later discovered in spam folder. They told me if David does not respond to a thread of emails, it is better to give him a call.
Do you have the shop number and Davids personal number to follow up?
Google his phone number. Hes currently working on setting/cleaning my ring and he emailed me on Thursday to let me know he had received it. From my previous experience, idk if he responds on weekends. I would just keep contacting him and/or google his # and try on Monday