David Klass ring question. Please help!

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Geez Louise!! First Olive's new ring, and then a 2620 AND a 2620/2607 all from DK??!! You guys are killing me! These are all totally my thing. Please post a ton of pics ASAP!!!!

And I should also mention DK made my ring for me and it has like 250 pave stones. I've worn it every day for 1 1/2 years now and no stone loss. DK rocks!!!!
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No problems with my DK ring here either, and my ring has lots of pave. I've worn it daily (including often sleeping in it, which I know isn't the best for the prongs) for a year and a half. I expect that eventually I'll have to get one replaced, it's just the nature of pave, but I think it's significant that every single one of my friends who have pave rings from big box retailers have had to have at least one stone replaced and I haven't yet.

The turn around time is just part of the custom process. Think a week or so to get CADs done, tweaked, and approved, then the ring has to be cast, then all those tiny little pave stones set and the ring polished. I think David keeps a pretty full schedule, so your ring might have to wait a little bit behind others in the queue, which might be part of the reason for the wait.

Good luck with the whole process! Let us know how it goes
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thank you for the reply! I had never heard of david klass until this forum and seeing his work.....well its just breath taking! And from what I see his prices seem very reasonable.
I did not read the whole thread so not sure where you stand right now but just wanted to say I had my set made by David Klass and it is impeccable. And I am PICKY

It is in top shape and I wear every single day.

He is an excellent jeweler and person.
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I also didn't read the whole thread and I normally am only a lurker and not a poster but I just had to post!

DK made my engagement ring and my wedding band, I've had my engagement ring for 2 years and my wedding band for almost a year now. They are both SOOOO well made and beautiful! I love them more and more each day!

I agree with the pp, DK is an excellent jeweller and person!