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I have been asked many times if David Klass has a photo gallery.
He is working on a website but it is not available yet.

And the other thread with some of his masterpieces is hard to find!!

So please add your pretties from David Klass.

His info for anyone interested!!

David Klass
email [email protected], or his number (310) 266-4848

My BellaRoo and floral wedding band

And the LONG saga of BellaRoo........



The Florentine Diamond
Diamond and Chris OEC pendant to match BellaRoo ring!!
The back has our birthstones in each heart for my son, daughter and hubby and I!!



The Florentine Diamond
This is BellaRoo 1

NewSparkle said:
He is extremely nice, has great prices, and wonderful work. I thought it would be nice of us to post all of our DK rings on one thread. Many new people ask about him and to see his work, this would be a nice reference for them. Also it would be a thread of appreciation for DK.

Hope Jcent and Kanga don't mind me posting their pics. I feel like Bella Roo and Jcent's ruby rings started it all. Ladies, your DK rings please

Bella Roo:

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My Antique Cartier Cushion Platinum Halo with 1.01 G-H VS diamonds in fishtail pave with 1.5mm halo, 2.4mm shank.


Sold to Bright Ice on PS and now holds a gorgeous and very valuable ertified honker pad sapphire!


When I sold it to Bright Ice, DK removed my stone, set her stone, sized the ring, and shipped it directly to her. Dk was awesome during the process, and she was very pleased with the result!!!


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MrsGotRocks said:
A DK OEC pendant and a testimonial from another member.

Feb 9, 2010
dawnykcnkj said:
David Klass is my personal jeweler. I LOOOOVE him and couldn't say enough good things about him.His assistant Amy is great as well.They have the best prices, the best quality and are soooo honest. I am so picky about my jewelry and the quality of my diamonds and workmanship and I have been nothing but pleased with items I have purchased from David. I last visited his LA shop on April 1st. However I mostly call and email with photos of what I'd like him to make me bc his store is a drive for me. He is great at custom stuff too. I have been unhappy with all of my previous jewelers because I am so picky, but David has my business for life. If you are not 100% satisfied he will refund you right away. The best way to get a hold of him is usually phone, he is always good about getting back asap. I haven't emailed him in a while, but my guess is that he is probably still great with ebay emailing. He has made multiple items for me and I have purchased a ring from him, he is also looking for my dream diamond for me as we speak and will be calling me tomorrow about that. His prices,quality and integrity can't be beat. I recommend him to all my friends and I will never go to another jeweler. Also, "blingaholic" had a gorgeous custom ring made by him a while back. If you are interested, I can try to post pics of the pendant he recently made me. Hope that helps

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braziliangirl said:
My pretties by Mr Klass


SETTING made by David Klass - It is 14k white gold, 6.7grams with .95ct H-VVS2 natural brilliant diamonds

Hearts in the gallery support the head with my Elongated cushion - .97ct also H - VVS2.

It has a surprise diamond and a surprise natural Emerald - my son's birth stone

here, my old setting which he set a yellow CZ for me

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And a video of my DreamGirl

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