cutest bling ever!!


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and thx was my fault i didnt take it off when she went to bed...shouldve known better thats how i lost my original ering...i didnt know peoples has childrens rings? or she bought A regular one in a smaller size??

the bracelet were getting her for xmas is in the wishbook this year pg 108-109 item 24....u shud check it out its cute
they have an online catalog on their website if u dont get it in the mail
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The Black Orlov
lol she wont have any jewelry when shes at the age to play treasure hunt...ive been there
i had a diamond ring my mom bought me and a band that matched her wedding band...needless to say we never found the treasure

she actually already got it back on her finger...she was demanding to wear one of my rings so i gave her is right i need to get her one with less sentimental value so if she looses it its not as big of a deal
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Yeah, I didn't know People's had kid's jewellery either! But they had one small display case of it, not much to choose from according to my wife. She came home with something that is eerily like your daughter's... 14k gold, heart shape, but there is only stones on one side of the heart. They've got to be cz... it was too inexpensive for diamonds. I can take a pic (probably a bad one) to show you if you like.

Anyway, it's not bad if she wants to wear bling but you don't want to have a heart attack if she misplaces it around the house again... that way when she'll always have the one your grandma gave her.

Thanks for the info on the Wishbook. We just got it the other day... I should take a look.
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The Black Orlov
sounds cute...could be diamonds...peoples just uses really bad quality ones :S pics r always welcome
just put ur camera on macro and the pic shouldnt be too bad..i took these pics with an old $120 walmart camera on macro..

def check out the wishbook...mostly crap...few gets thinner and thinner every year...when i was a kid it was like a phonebook!
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nikkikeith said:
sounds cute...could be diamonds...peoples just uses really bad quality ones :S
TELL me about it. Charm jewellers doesn't appear to be much better. Last week, my wife was attempting to get her finger sized, so she'd know what size to order "when she's ready" (she still hasn't any idea I'm doing it)... she was embarrassed to just have them size her, so she politely looked at a few rings (knowing she wouldn't even think of it because she wants an Asha.).

All I can say was GROSS. The person put a 3 stone ring on her hand. I took one good look at it and saw 4 large inclusions in the centre stone. The sales rep kept going on and on about how beautiful and sparkly it was. She wrote the info on a little card (without asking if we wanted info on it)... 1 ctw, white gold (didn't specify 10 or 14k), the stones were K coloured, and I2 in clarity. They wanted over $1900 for it! I almost fell on the floor. She threw the card out when we left the store.

I think I'm getting spoiled, seeing all the beautiful bling on this forum - and the great vendors here to answer questions. It's surprising now to visit a B&M store and see crap quality, crap service... I'm definitely getting an education here on the forums!

Thanks for the advice on the camera. I'll see what I can come up with tonight.

haha, a phonebook - I remember that. I used to love going through that thing. Now, we let our daughter go to town on it with a highlighter ("Circle what you would like Santa to bring you!")... it's a great way to get a 1/2 hour of peace. Does your daughter like looking through it?
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The Black Orlov
lol thats so funny i went thru the same thing...kind of...i was looking for an ering at peoples (before i found this wonderful forum)

and then i stopped at a local jeweler and he just blew my mind...i mustve been in there for 3 hours...he taught me so much about diamonds..this was before i knew really anything...he showed me a $8000 1 carat solitaire from people under a scope.. EWWWWW!

i still dont understand how they get away with pretty much robbing people...their markup is insane...

thankfully ive educated myself since then...found this forum... (and picked up a bit of an addiction ill admit)

im just SOOOOOOOO happy i didnt get a diamond ring at peoples!

lol yah she circled pretty much everything in the wishbook....she really wants that dora jeep!
i used to get so excited when it came in the mail
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LOL, that evil Dora Jeep. That was the FIRST thing my DD insisted on. And it's probably the ONLY thing I'd deny her. I have NO idea where I'd put it. (we live in military housing right now. NO room for that kind of toy. lol) We just gave the book to her to pass the time. If she really gets set on something, we'll know to look for it or something like it (we don't always get it from Sears).

I think the only way people's gets away with that crap is because people don't KNOW there are alternatives out there. Or they don't trust them. If you think your only options are Peoples or Sears... you'd go for Peoples just for the name... because you 'think' they specialize in jewellery. Ugh.

Our eye opener was on a casual stroll through downtown Kingston Ontario... there's a goldsmith there that was working in his shop when we wandered in. The bench was behind a glass wall, fully visible, and he had a gorgeous display of custom jewellery out front. We were awed at some of the one of a kind pieces he'd created - a lot of hand carved castings, etc. We watched him work for awhile, and talked with him when he took a break from working, and we knew we had to start searching out alternatives to traditional B&M stores.

We couldn't afford to order from him at the time, plus my wife wouldn't have worn it as an e-ring - mostly bezel set and that's not her favourite. But his stuff was just breathtaking. Hand carved wedding bands, Cdn diamonds, and the like.

And yes, this forum, and the jewellery hunting, is very addictive.
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The Black Orlov
lol ino what u mean...some of their pricing is she picks out the stuff and i pick it up at walmart...maybe im to blame for the wishbook getting smaller

yes the only reason the get sales is because people dont know any better...i think its insane tho with the technology of the internet and everything that more people dont know the crap theyre tru about the name and trust thing...

ooooh his store sounds yummy...makes me wish i could go check it out but kingstons quite a drive from sudbury :p

haha glad to see its not only me thats addicted
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Gotta love the internet... here's a link to the goldsmith in Kingston:

He doesn't have much in his online portfolio, but what IS there is hand carved for the most part. It's really neat to see him work. There's way more in the shop, and like everything else, is REALLY something in person.

My favourite piece he did isn't in his website. That's sad.
It was a set of custom matching wedding bands for a couple who've been married for 40 years... they had 'scenes' carved into the entire band... the whole way around... from all the trips they'd taken throughout their life together.

I'm not describing it properly - but picture his 2 and 3 tone rings (if you've looked up the site already)... white gold for the sky, red gold for mountains, and yellow gold for water of a lake... all the way around the bands were 3D images... the sun, some clouds (signifying good and bad times in life) a mountain/glacier/lake in Alberta, a bird that had significance to the couple, a place they visited in China, etc. It was really 3D. So incredible.

I wish he'd put it on his web portfolio instead of just having pictures in his shop. It was stunning artwork.
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The Centenary Diamond
I'm so happy to see you found her ring!!
It's true though. No matter what you do unfortunately things can get lost. I agree with getting her "play" bling. Like maybe from New Outlet?? That way if anything happens it won't be a problem.
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lol, I didn't even THINK of new outlet. If they have kidlet jewellery, that might work too!
Good idea MissDymonds...

The ring I described, unfortunately, ISN'T in his online portfolio. We saw it when he'd finished creating one of them. He later took pictures and displays them in his shop, but hasn't put them online. I wish he would... I loved looking at that ring.

His other stuff is really nice too, that was just my all time favourite.
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nikkikeith said:
ok so not the greatest pic but u can see my 3 year olds jewellery..shes got YG earrings with pink czs and a rose gold heart ring with diamond melee...bracelet and necklace r christmas gifts this year...thought id share my little sparkle monster

She is so cute! And the jewelry is too
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