Customize a necklace

Hi, I am looking into build an application to create a customized necklaces from selected beads. I have no back ground in necklace so you know. The question is if you want to add beads to a string to build your necklace (one bead at a time), do you start from top corner and keep adding beads OR start from bottom center?
See attachment


I think people mostly wear precious necklaces these days. Recently, I noticed that almost no one wears with beads. All the girls began to buy gold and silver chains. Sometimes on such chains there is a pendant made of precious stone or metal. I think it will be better if your application can make a necklace of precious stones than of beads. Even my grandmother, who always wore beads, began to order thin chains with pendants on KSP Jewelry. I think that you should consult to a person who is well versed in jewelry.