Cushion vs. Jubilee

Hello, I'm interested in creating a solitaire ring and love the rectangular/square cuts. I really love the sparkles of the Jubilee but the 'squareness' of the cushions. Anyone have any ideas on either how to emphasize the squareness of the Jubilee or do you think I should go with the cushion..are they just as sparkly?
Thanks so much!


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Hi and Welcome! I have owned both cushions and jubilees...cushions are actually more rounded than the jubilee. I have a JUBILEE RING listed on that is set in an octet head that makes it appear more square...that was my intention as well. Just click on the link and take a peak at the pics...and PM me if you are interested.

Again, Welcome!

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I really like the jubilee...I had not heard that name for it...I remember when deciding which moissanite ring to get last year...between Bella and Moissanite Co., and noticed an eight prong setting with Moissanite Co. which reminds me of the jubilee. It did make the round stone look more cushion like or square-ish. I would highly recommend that-I like how 'strong' it makes it look.


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I own a ring very similar to Darlingmom3's and love it. Cushions are nice but I feel that the Jubilee has alot more fire!
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DarlingMomof3 your ring is beautiful! Right now I'm only able to look and not to buy...just yet! You will be the first I will contact when I can! I never realized how square it can look, always thought the cushions were more square.

I've never seen a Jubilee in person but I think I've seen a cushion and it was sparkly although I've heard the Jubilee has so much more 'fire'. Has anyone ever seen a rectangular cushion?

Thanks so much for your help!


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The Jubilee DOES have more fire than cushions...and it is my opinion that a more square (rather than rectangular) stone will have more sparkle...something having to do with symetry, the facets on a square are more symetrical thatn a rectangular...maybe one of the jewelers will pop in and give their opinion.

I just PM'd on the flashing envelope at the top of the screen...
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Get a Regent. Its an H&A cut, done in a squarish shape. Unparalleled brilliance!

It would be a really hard toss-up between the Jubilee and Regent for me. Here are pictures of the Jubilee (10mm)

and this is the Regent cut:

The Jubilee is done with a more rounded profile than the Regent, and can be set into a 6 prong, 4 prong, or 8 prong setting. The squarish Regent looks best in a 4 or 8 prong setting.
Do you want windfields or asha? If you want the coating (as I did) you have the cushion and the flanders (Ive had both and much prefer the flanders- it is more square and shoots off more white light vs colored light, which looked more like my real diamonds to me). If you want windfields then I say regent or flanders...
My goodness Diamondangel, your Jubilee ring is amazing! Wow, you must get some serious compliments when you wear that, I know I'd be following you around just to catch a glimpse!

I've never heard of a regent, I wish there was a store I could go to to see some of these cuts in person, then it would be easy to make up my mind (at least I think so!).

Are Winks stones very realistic looking? In other words, could I pass one off for real? My lifestyle could support one as my engagement ring holds natural diamonds of a decent size but I'd really like a cz that looks real. I love the three stone look but lately have been really wanting a nice large solitaire diamond but not wanting to pay the high price of one. I've seen an Asha before, one of my close friends owns a 2.75 H&A as her ering and it looks phenomenal but for something I'd only wear out on a very limited basis I'd rather not spend that much. Any thoughts? Thanks so much!
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Next time I get to New York I will certainly try and go to his store. I live in the Washington DC area but we go up to New York often.

What is your opinion of Wink's cz? Do you think it could pass of as real?


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Absolutely! As a matter of fact, the first time I saw a Jubilee cut Winfield's brand stone I thought my boss had made a mistake and sent me a diamond!!!

We usually have a Jubilee or a Regent in stock. Give Sylvia a call at 800-524-7904. She can send you a stone to view for yourself.
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Oh my goodness you work for Wink? Now that must be a fab job. You must spend all of your money on what you sell, I know I would!!! ;-)

I think I'll have to order a regent, jubilee, and a cushion just to compare...with my luck I'll fall in love with all three [sigh].

I was just looking through the celebrity rings thread from awhile back and only saw one of Ashley Judd's ring which I believe is a cushion, what a beautiful ring!
I have owned both, and far prefer the Jubilee cut. 2 years ago i bought a 7mm RG Jubilee---the color is even warmer than my moiss earrings! and this thing is a FIREBALL

i think you could make it look more square with whatever kind of setting you choose for the design.

good luck

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