Do not order from!!!! I ordered something, they sent the wrong item 6 weeks later. In the meantime, my credit card number was stolen and $600 charged to it from an adult website. I wasn't sure where the number had gotten stolen so I just kinda chalked it up to a bad experience. When I returned the incorrect item, I had to give them my new credit card number to credit the charges back. Guess what, new credit card number stolen AGAIN and over $1200 stolen before I realized it. On the return, I used my cell phone number which I never use vs. my home phone number because I was skeptical about this co. Well, the number used on all of the adult websites and psychic hotlines was my cell phone number. I called the manager 4 times, sent 5 e-mails, no response ever. Luckily my credit card co. gave me my money back. They used my credit card in India, Ireland...when I filed the police report they said it was impossible to track back to the specific person. I would NEVER order from them again. Go to the CA Better Business Bureau website and look up this co, they give them an F rating and do not recommend them. They have several complaints against them.

They also do business under another website If you look at both websites, you can see they are the same company.


Yes, I had a very bad experience with them as well. Nothing CLOSE to what you had, but I was not impressed with their service or items. Thanks for the heads up and I am so sorry that you went through that!!!


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Oh man! That stinks! I am sorry you guys had bad experiences with them... Thanks for sharing them - I will steer clear...
I've been lurking for a few days and just joined up.

I had the SAME experience with I purchased a ring from them just for fun. That $50 of a fun ring led to hundreds of dollars worth of charges on my debit card, and the ring was very poorly put together and I had to return it anyway. Luckily, my bank reversed all of the charges. I made the managers aware of the problem but they refused to respond to my repeated emails or phone calls.

Definitely do not purchase from them.
Oh my goodness, I was planning on ordering from them a few years back, I am so glad that I didn't do that! I am so sorry you went through that.