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Thanks Diamondgirl, now I want an unhealthy Bleu Ribbon burger from Red Robin!

I have to stop reading this thread!
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i love both names! and don't worry about any current bad press. the connotations change over time, if it's a boy, and by the time he gets older, very few will probably even remember it.


MrsW said:
erised said:
when i was preggie with DD, i couldn't eat beef. and i love red meat. love steaks, and pasta with bolognese sauce. i couldn't touch the stuff. plus all i wanted was spicy! i'm korean, so i already have a taste for spicy food, but lord, i was nuts when i was pregnant. i was dousing everything with this habanero chili paste that my friends got for me from jamaica. went through an entire bottle in less than a month. i ate raw bird peppers (the little hot green peppers they use in thai and indian cooking). couldn't get enough. oddly enough, i never got heartburn.
LOL I am getting heartburn just reading this description!
lol! i really was dreading it. i had read and heard everywhere how spicy food would do me in with the heartburn, but i guess 9 years of school cafeteria food really turned my stomach into i can handle anything after that!
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With DD I couldnt get enough pizza, chicken, pasta or soft pretzels. It was insane- I was on 3 Ensures a day and still lost 21 pounds overall with that pregnancy. With DS I craved hot, hot, hot (and in real life the hottest I ever go is a dash of pepper) Hooters wings for about 2 weeks and that was all I craved with him.
I just heard the most precious name, though it is a mouthful. It is exotic to me, I think that is why I like it because it is different. The name Artemesia. =)


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as in artemis?
how is it pronounced, art-uh-may-shuh?

when are you going to find out what you are having? such an exciting time! *^_^*

(sorry about all the questions lol)
Lol, don't be sorry at all! Its actually ar-te-mEE-sha or ar-te-mEE-ceeah, whichever is absolutely fine with me. =)

I think on my next appointment they will be able to tell me what the sex of the baby is. I am super excited. There is a famous artist with the name Artemesia, her name is Artemesia Gentileschi, and I absolutely loved the name upon hearing it.
Oh me too! It honestly wouldn't matter at all for me, I would be happy for either! I am just thankful that I am pregnant, and with the man that I love.


He is getting a bit harried though, I think that it is the idea of a new little being in our lives, besides our prized daughter. He loves that we are pregnant, but it takes some work building up to the fact that it won't just be the three of us much longer! lol
First trimester was the most DIFFICULT!!
I could only stomach pink grapefruit juice, powerade and grapefruit dipped in vinegar, w/salt & pepper.

Water made me nauseous.
The mere taste of my mouth made me nauseous.

Second trimester I started eating lots of salads with raw onions (normally don't like onions) with Italian dressing(normally don't like Italian), egg sandwiches, waffles and chocolate milk (I couldn't stomach regular milk, which I normally LOVE)
I also needed my drinks to be cold, cold, cold,--slushy was the best.

Third trimester was potatoes, potatoes, potatoes...all kinds, baked, sweet, even potato chips.
I could drink regular milk again, and then I went through boxes and boxes of cereal!
And oranges, and of each every day.
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Shirlynn said:
I just heard the most precious name, though it is a mouthful. It is exotic to me, I think that is why I like it because it is different. The name Artemesia. =)
Love that name!!
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I just found this old thread and thought it was fun, as I have the oddest cravings. With DD it was peroggies and strawberry jam, like the jam on the peroggies, and Wonderbread sandwiches with BBQ sauce, iceburge lettuce, and sliced pepperoni. Also, Wendy's spciy chicken sandwiches... I do not eat jam, Wonderbread, iceburg lettuce, fast food, or processed meat EVER...well, except when I PG apparently. And wine gum candies and skittles...and I generally don't eat sugar either.

This time, a lot of fruit!! And cheap burritos from the convenience store. And again with the wine gums, lol. I generaly try to avoid convenience store food, but i am finding them so delicious, all smothered in sour cream and salsa. LOL
#36 this thread!!!

My major craving was watermelon, raspberries and cucumbers!

And then near the end I was making quesadillas nearly every day lol.

Oh, and the best chocolate ice cream ever.....Dove unconditional chocolate. It has a layer of Dove chocolate you have to break through before you even get to the ice cream. Pure heaven I tell you!!


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hahaha I find cravings so funny. I totally get the watermelon and raspberries right now. Some days I eat half a watermelon. I think I just want wet food, if that makes sense.


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i'd forgotten about this thread when i was pregnant (but then i forgot tons of stuff when i was pregnant

cravings are funny. my first craving was garlic (that was even before i knew i was pregnant; i just woke up and wanted garlic, had to have GARLIC
!!). i ate it with most of my meals all through my pregnancy. then i loved fruit. omg, i couldn't get enough fruit, all kinds of fruits, but mangos especially. i'm so not surprised that DS's favorite food so far is pureed mangos
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I wonder what it is with the fruit?!?!?! I know other pg mamas that eat/ate it buy the salad bowl full as well.

Now that you mention garlic, I am obsessed with garlic stuffed olives. haha