Could you maybe help me?

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Hello! :)

Hopefully this is in the right place but:

So a good while ago I got engaged with a ring that wasn't mine. I mean, it had belonged to a family member that had passed away and given it to my sister. Well, my sister then told my husband that he could propose to me using said ring (even though it was huge on me and couldn't be sized due to the inscription on the inside of the band). Months or maybe even a year after we got engaged, my sister decided that she wanted the ring back, so I gave it back. (My sister is very petty about things and I just didn't want deal with the mess). So, I feel in love with this ring and had to give it away.

What I'm asking is if you can help me find a ring that looks almost, if not EXACTLY, like the ring I had.

Thank You in advance!

You could have an exact replica made for you,,by someone like David Klass. You can then choose the type of stone you would prefer,ie. diamond, Amora Gem,or Moissanite :)
Rather unkind of your sister to give the ring and then ask for it back....but I understand why you didn't want any hassle.

So the question I would ask you is, why would you want a ring identical to the one your sister has?

You could get something in a "similar style" but unique to you.
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