Concerns w/DB seller "rlaboy51"

Just an FYI for the buying gang ... I purchased an item from DB seller "rlaboy51", that was listed on DB but I completed the purchase through her "CandyBlady" Etsy site (which is linked in her DB postings). When buying the item, communication was almost immediate, and the item was shipped same day. Fabulous!

Upon receipt of the item last Wednesday, the item was not as described -- diamond color is way off by several levels and there was undisclosed damage to the setting that poses security risk to the diamond. I contacted her that same day item was received through her Etsy site, as well as again the next two days seeking return instructions as noted an option on her policy page. Still having received no response, I then went back to the DB listing for the item to try contacting her that way, and still no response. It's now been 5 days since I received the item, and I have no response at all from the seller either via Etsy or DB.

I have opened up a case with Etsy on the matter, and hope that will help resolve my issue. However, since she is cross-listing items on DB (and has added new items to her Etsy site since I contacted her about returning this item), I just wanted to let folks know about my experience. I was quite surprised since she had a lot of great reviews on Etsy, notes that she values good customer feedback, etc.

I don't want to speak negatively about any seller, and if/when my issue is resolve or I hear back from her, I will circle back with this group for awareness to share the outcome. But I did want to share what was going on with my experience in the mean time in case anyone else is considering buying an item from her either via DB or her Etsy page.

Has anyone else bought items from her? Any return issues you've experienced?

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Just circling back to update (and I'm quite late in doing so, so my apologies) that I did resolve the issue with the seller. Unfortunately, she'd experienced a death in the family and was away, and the person watching her shop in her absence either didn't want to or couldn't respond to my messages. I did return the item and receive a refund from the seller.

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i'm sorry you had to go through this, but thank you for both letting us know that it happened *and* that it was resolved!