Comparing GIA "Triple Excellent" cut vs Takara Super Ideal lab diamond cut...


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We got a hold of a GIA "Triple Excellent" cut diamond and pleased to be able to show you the difference vs. our Takara Super Ideal lab diamonds cuts.
The scope images pretty much tell you all you need to know.
This is the problem with the GIA cut grading - Excellent sounds good, except it makes an easy bar for a wide range of fact 55% of all submitted diamonds get an "Excellent" cut grade. So that's the same as if schools gave an A grade to D students, C students, B students and A students.
The AGS scale is much more precise and this "Excellent cut" diamond only get an AGS-05 cut grade.
Our Takara lab diamonds get AGS-000 equivalent for comparison.
Takara Super Ideal lab diamonds page

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