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Those photos are amazing. Since I have a few of these stones, I can attest that at least on my monitor, the photos are very accurate! Great job, Wink!


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diamondangel said:
I can't wait to see the color change stones (blue/green, lavender/pink, and sunset) in the round. I've never seen those colors in a round before.
The blue/green color change is spectacular in round.
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Do you have any pics of your pinks Wink? The thumbnails on your site don't seem to be working.

And a question about the colours, are they a permanent enhancement like Serenity?


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Our colors are not enhancements, except for heat treatment of colorless stones to give them the look of the now-gone Chinese white and RG white (we still have some in stock in rounds and a few other shapes). The colors such as pink start out with pink rough, so the color does not change unless the stones are torched.


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oh, ok. Thank you! If I had one set and needed to have work done on it would the jeweler just treat the ring like regular CZ then, or is there a temperature to stay below; like 1020 F for enhanced moissy.

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the coloured CZs i've had set, i didn't give the jewellers any special instructions (other than making sure they were aware that the stones were CZ), and haven't had any problems.
Hi Wink,

I've been a long time reader of this forum. In fact, this is where I found out about your website. This is my first time here goes

I recently order a loose emerald cut cz stone from you, but returned it. The quality was great, but the stone was too small. I am now thinking about ordering the same stone in the larger 12mm x 10mm size.

I am new to the cz stone world and have been doing a lot of research-reading lots of post on this site. I just read info on your site about heat enhanced stones and am confused about Chinese White (which you no longer carry) vs colorless vs Colorless Heat Enhanced stones.

I assume it's a matter of taste and opinion as to what head enhancement looks the most diamond like. But any info and/or input from you and other members would be appreciated.



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If you look on this page:
You can see that there are still some CW in stock. The colorless heat enhancement to Imperial White looks the same as the Chinese White. Both the CW and the Imperial heat enhanced are about an H color.

RG white and Royal White heat enhancement is about an F/G color.

Color does not make a stone look diamond like. The cutting does. Diamonds come in many colors, but the cutting of a diamond is what brings the beauty out. Color is also very subjective. Some people prefer icy white while others prefer a rich buttery warmth in their stones.

Hope that helps!


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Unfortunately we are limited to what we have in inventory at this time, along with FB moissanites and Amoras, as well as Chatham gems. We still have not found a new cutter worth selling pieces from.