Coconut oil is awesome!!!!

Hahaha that's the cutest, I wonder how dogs would react to the yummy smell, might try to lick it all off LOL.

I tried it as a moisturizer last night, so so good! Because I had melted it down earlier it was completed solidifies so i mixed it with a spoon and it's stayed nice and soft. Then i spritzed my self with my fav perfume Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Camelia and i felt like I was on a tropical holiday.

Hmmm I think im getting a bit obsessed!!
I think I am too!
Isn't it wonderful to find something so utterly fabulous,& for so many beauty purposes
I used it on my dog & then bathed her.Wow! her coat is like silk & so shiny

So far I have used it as a luxurious face & eye & cream,eyelash conditioner,body butter,deep conditioning hair treatment,cuticle oil,hand cream & dogs coat conditioner!!!

Last night I slathered my hair in coconut oil & this morning I shampooed & conditioned it & it is SO SOFT & has literally got a MIRROR SHINE to it! It's never shone like this before! One happy bunny here
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We love coconut oil in our house! We use it on our face as moisturizer, cuticle "cream", saute vegetables, add to smoothies (must add slowly!), put a tablespoon into the dogs food in the morning, rub into dogs coat then bathe, we use it as a carrier oil for essential oil use (rub together one or two drops of thieves oil and a little coconut oil and rub on your chest and feet before bed and by morning say goodbye to the cold or flu).

There are so many different things you can do with coconut oil. Here's one of my favorite lists.

We use Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin coconut oil from Costco. It had the best price to quality/ quantity ratio that we could find around here. It's $17 for 54oz., I think.
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That's one pampered little pooch

Its so great and I haven't even considered the dietary side yet! Yesterday I mixed about 1 teaspoon of oil with 1 teaspoon of bicarb soda and used it as a facial exfoliant, very gently. It was great! I used it before my shower then used a damp hot face washer to wipe most of it off before jumping in the shower. Be careful though i got some b.soda in my eye! No pain just uncomfortable.
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