Coconut oil is awesome!!!!

I just had to do a quick post to share this. Im trying to grow my hair longer and have started using coconut oil as a deep conditioner treatment, OMG its awesome!!!

I just put the jar in a big jug of hot water so that it melts, once runny i put about 4 table spoons in a little bowl and work it through in section from root to tip. I also massage my scalp with it. Leave it on for a few hours (next time might try over night) then shampoo and conditioner out. Seriously i cant stop touching my hair its crazy soft!!!!

Anyone else using it? Any tips I've only just stared with it
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Yes it's definitely one of those smells you either lover or hate. I wonder if olive oil wold have a similar effect? Although from my research coconut oil has some special properties, something to do with how it penetrates the hair, not sure but I'm loving it
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I have just bought some for myself after reading a thread about it on another forum.It is supposed to be a great skin softener too & a very good lip balm.Luckily,I love the smell!
Is it hard to actually wash it out of your hair? How many times do you have to shampoo your hair to get it all out? I would hate to be left with a greasy residue!
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Hi queen of Sparkle, I was worried about that too as I have oily hair but i just did the usual wash rinse repeat and it was all out. I'm also using a sulfate free argan oil shampoo atm so I'm sure most shampoos would do fine. I've heard however that the no poo method of baking soda wont get it out,but i haven't tried it myself. Also, i rub a tiny bit of argan oil through my ends when my hair is still damp, and let it air dry. Trying so hard not to blow dry my hair but my stupid cow lick bangs are driving me crazy....LOL but that's a whole other story!!
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I use argan oil on the ends of my hair too as it is bleached & very dry but with greasy roots.I'm happy to try anything to improve the condition of my hair as I'm growing it.Fingers crossed that the coconut oil does the trick! :Thanks for sharing!
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The Pink Orchid
Oh, I've been a huge fan and user of coconut oil for years! Make up remover, body moisturizer, hair treatment (deep ones and I use a little bit on the ends every single day!), you name it.

I have a lot of coarse hair, so I don't get the "softness" as much from it, but I sure got a lot fewer split ends after it became a part of my routine.
Glad you found the love!

If you haven't found it already, there is a place called the Long Hair Community online, they are a wonderful resource for all things to help you grow your hair. Good luck!
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Queen of sparkle, have you tried the no poo method? I did it for about 5 weeks, and although i didn't stick with it (living with MIL temporarily, and the rinsing process takes longer so don't want to be hogging the bathroom lol) I really feel that it improved the quality of my hair. I particularly loved the apple cider rinse :)Im also looking into henna to cover greys atm but havent been totally sold on the idea yet...
Thanks MissCassie i will def check it out
With the coconut oil as body moisturizer, does it take forever to absorb? Im thinking of using it on my legs, my knees are so so dry right now
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The Pink Orchid
I henna my hair, my mom henna/indio's hers.
Love it!

With the coconut oil as a moisturizer, it soaks in super fast if you do it after just patting dry after a shower, if you use it on your skin otherwise, start with a *small amount*, work it in, it doesn't take too long to absorb but longer than right-after-the-shower skin. A little goes a long way and that was a hard lesson to learn at first, lol! I'll also use pure shea butter too, absorbs pretty quick and leaves the skin soooooo soft.
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I have just bought the shea butter too
I'm going to mix it together with the coconut oil to make the best skin moisturiser in the world!
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Thankyou MissCassie!! I will try the after show tip
do you usually melt it first or use it solid for moisturizer? And this might be a weird question but how much do you use per leg hehe

Oooooh really you use henna? Do you mind if i ask if you use it to cover grey at all? Is is very messy? If it wasnt for my grey, actually white hairs i would never dye my hair again but at 30 definitely not ready to grey gracefully just yet so desperately wanting a more natural hair dye solution.
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Looks great doesn't it? I almost want to put sprinkles on it and eat the whole jar! Apparently it keeps well at room temp, if it gets too too hot though it can melt.

I also read that if you mix coconut oil with a little bit of baking soda you can use it as a natural facial exfoliator.
I used the coconut oil on my bleached hair today & I'm so thrilled with the results! I have used many really expensive conditioners but none of them gave me the results that this coconut oil has!
Silky soft & so shiny
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Yay! Im so glad it worked for you!!

I found some info online about why its so good for the hair compared to other oils:

"How does coconut oil work?
Scientists have studied the effects of certain oils on hair (including coconut, sunflower, olive and mineral). And the results for coconut oil are pretty exciting--it has been shown to actually have the ability to penetrate hair. So why does this matter? Most hair products and ingredients can only coat the surface of the hair to add shine, smoothness, conditioning, etc. However, coconut oil--because of its chemical structure--can actually penetrate the cortex (the inner part of hair) which can help improve its strength and flexibility.

This means hair is less likely to break and less likely to get damaged from combing and even heat styling! Another benefit: coconut oil has super staying power. Since most oils and hair ingredients sit on top of your hair, they rinse off when you suds up your mane. Not coconut oil! It's "inside" your hair, so it's less likely to rinse away. If you have dry, damaged hair and are susceptible to hair loss and breakage then you should definitely stock up on coconut oil."
Link to full post
Now I'm looking into using it on my face. Apparently its very good for acne prone skin which i unfortunately have
I will have to try it out and report back!
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Thanks for sharing this article
I'm going to try it on my Maltese terrier's hair! I'm trying to grow her topknot but there are bits that refuse to go in an elastic band & they are very dry & brittle.I think that the coconut oil might just do the trick!

Oh, & another thing,I have horrible dry flakey elbows (eeww) & my usual moisturisers don't help.One application of coconut oil & they are silky smooth!
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