Classic Tiffany with Asscher

Hi all!

Does anyone have a picture of the Asha Classic Tiffany Setting with an Asscher center? I really want to order an asscher. I hope they become available soon and i hope that BTD and Asha will still be able to carry them! Anyone heard anything?
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HI Karie,
Just wanted to let you know we are hoping to have the asschers back in stock next week (Dec 8 or 9). Both BTD and will have them available at that point.

Hope that helps,
AH my old setting!

I loved that setting, especially for sentimental reasons since it was the one my fiance proposed with! Sadly I had to change it because the prongs snagged terribly in my hair, yanking out three to four strands at a time whenever it got close to my head!

My hair is very fine and I also do have a nervous habit of running my fingers through my hair. It is likely you will not have the same problem!

But it was so bad I had to change to a Brian Gavin setting (my new avatar), which does not snag at all.
okay here's my pickle ladies: so I have the Giovanna ring with a 1.5 ct ACC and Asha told me I could send my ring in and they will change out the ACC for a 1.5 CT asscher.. I'm just not happy with the big open Culet.. anyway, but what if the new Asscher cuts are a lot different looking then the old ones? I'm nervous that they won't look "real" .. and I'm also in love with Ovals.. so I wonder if they can replace the ACC for an oval.. or if it will even fit or look good in the Giovanna.. I just want to make sure the one I get now I will be happy with and not want to return it again
I wish we could see the new Asschers now
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I e-mailed BTD to confirm that there would be changes to the Asscher cut. Here is the reply that I got from Less:

"[W]e have modified the pavillion (bottom) half just slightly. The difference is minor but we did it on our Takara's (lab grown diamonds) and customers liked it better."
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