love my 4ct radiant cushion ring!

Though my custom ring is being made by Shubbys, I have been researching tons of online stores for a cz ring in plat or 14k WG. My custom ring is very challenging to make so it's taking a while to finish. In the meantime I wanted a heavy setting white gold ring with a 4ct center to wear to maui. I finally took a leap of faith and ordered a ring from chic jewelry after months of researching. I am in love this ring and really very impressed with the amazing customer service.

It really is so pretty and substantial with lots ofs height and sparkle! Though something went wrong with 3 of the pave stones.....they did all they could to make me happy and feel so at ease with the repair. I read about some companies ignoring problems, not these folks. They answered their phone, replied super fast and followed through on fixing the problem. I was blown away at how much effort they put into fixing it and making sure I had it back before we left. They only had 1/2 day to fix it i know they bumped me to the top of their work because I had less than 36 hours to leave, but they got it back to me just in the nick of time.

I am trying to attach the photos from my iPad but it's not working. Any tips on attaching pics from iPad?
Sounds really beautiful!! Can't wait to see pics. To attach pics, you first have to upload the pics to a site like photobucket. From the photobucket page, select upload and follow the prompts. To post here, you must choose the picture symbol and enter the url from photobucket. Sorry, that's as clear as I can make it
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I love! I have two really nice rings from them. Ophelia gives such great service. She was even willing to use Wink's radiant cut stones in my two rings without batting an eyelash or being offended in any way. She thought they were amazing.