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I just got my first little bundle of stones from Chris, 2 pink 8mm OECs, 2 5mm hot pink princess cut created rubies and a 6mm asscher cut hot pink ruby. They are lovely stones, I really like the asscher and the OECs!
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I am soooo excited..

Placed my order with Chris:

Warm Colour H Asscher 6mm Cubic Zirconia
White 7.5mm Old Mine Cut Cubic Zirconia
Warm 8.5mm (3.2ct) Asscher Cubic Zirconia
Warm Colour H 7mm Old European Cut Cubic Zirconia
Warm Colour H 7.5mm Old European Cut Cubic Zirconia

The 6mm Asscher I am hoping to put into my old engagement ring to wear when we're on our honeymoon since hubby doesnt want me taking my diamond & moissy E ring (4 prong platinum with super low profile and teeney tiny band) that originally had my 1.1ct cushion diamond in it. I hope it fits. Otherwise I'm going to try to squish the OEC into it.

The 8.5mm is for fun. I'll probably cook them up - I love a stone with more warmth and depth.. hopefully this will help me decide if I want an OEC moissy, or an asha Krupps or an asscher.. and then if neither of them.. I am on a train to 3 stone city!!

I'm excited
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I forgot to post my chrisuk haul!! They're all stunning and really baked up beautifully!!

First up is 6mm asscher then the OMC the modified square radiant then another larger asscher 2 oec's and an emerald.

The 6mm asscher is sitting in my original platinum e ring and its travelled all over the US with me on our 5 week honeymoon and its in perfect condition. At one of our resorts (Le Blanc in Cancun) they had some amazing jewellery stores with high end gem stones and they all complemented me on my beautiful diamond. So many people have admired it thinking its a diamond. Quite incredible for the price!!
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How long did it take for you all to get your gems from this seller? I've been waiting about 2 weeks now, I know it can take a lot longer but I'm so impatient!
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I hope no one minds my bumping up this thread. A year (or more) ago, I posted about deciding what to put into my original ering. Well, I finally bit the bullet, so to speak and dropped off my ring and a pear shaped ChrisCZ for mounting! I hope I can figure out how to post a picture when I get it next week.
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I have pictures. Any idea how to load them from photobucket?

so far, I've managed to load up links, then the web address for the individual pictures.
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Sorry, clearly I'm doing something wrong.
Anyway, I'm so happy with the ring! The jeweler was very nice and complimentary. He commented that I now had what looks like a $7000 ring.
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Ugh! I want to see! lol. I had issues yesterday trying to post, but that was probably just me

What are you using, photobucket or flickr? Cut & past the UBB code in a comment section. That should work.
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