May I ask, what are the differences in the certed and non certed AGs. Will I see a difference in scintillation or brightness from the two?


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Hi Mrs2Ouch,
Thanks for the post - the Amora's are *identical* whether full certed or not, so there is no difference in scintillation or brightness between a full cert Amora and a Universal pricing Amora. Production is identical as we don't know which will be full certed or not, and even the 'uncerted' go through basic color/clarity/symmetry/polish grading at the grading lab.

The basic way it works is this:

We cut a set of Amora's (say 10, 1ct) and then all are sent to the grading lab (NAGL).

Each Amora goes through the same initial grading - color, clarity and an H&A check (OGI HD Scan, symmetry/polish).
If an Amora is D color, or E color and IF, or F color and IF, then we ask them to proceed for a full certification.
Otherwise, the rest (say an E/VVS) gets put into the 'Universal Amora' category and is sold as near colorless, uncerted.
Vs the D color or F/IF would be sold with an independent, full certification.

So the net is full cert or not, *all Amora's* are all the same quality in terms of Super Ideal H&A cutting and nanopolish and faceted girdles.
The only difference is the rarer color/clarity combos go on for full certification, versus we lower the cost for the others by not paying for the full certification and sell it at a flat rate pricing based on colorless or near colorless.

Summary: no visual difference for scintillation/brightness, every Amora is cut to Super Ideal H&A, full certed or not ;)

Hope that helps!!