celebrity engagement rings!

Not that anyone is still talking about it or cares... but What intrigued me about the Avril levigne/ Chad Kroger rings was that he gave her a 20ct emerald...on their wedding day for a gift ( he should hang out with my husband... ) I have scoured the internet for a looksee and I've yet to see one. I'm still blown away that he got her another ring. just for kicks. Good for them. Maybe one of them has an album coming out, or a reality tv series and they needed the publicity? Either way... I dig the big rocks.
I could be wrong, but when I first read an article about her it was that she got the GINORMOUS pear, then on her actual wedding day got an actual 20 ct green emerald, and then for their 1st anniversary her got her the ring in the pic above which is a 17 ct emerald cut diamond- am I way off? Or just jelly that she got three amazeballs rings in under 12 months, and it causing me to have unrealistic expectations about what I *need*
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Oh, wow, there are a few articles mentioning a 20-ct emerald ring... Man, not fair! Mine's only a quarter that size!

Well, I tried to find a picture, but no dice. I did, though, find a great picture of Kim Kardashian's old wedding set, which I'm more and more getting fond of, strangely.

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I don't think I saw Naya Rivera's new set (from her surprise engagement/marriage to Ryan Dorsey) on this thread. I like it way better than her ring from Big Sean, but that might just be because I'm on an oval (or elongated cushion?) kick.

I'll stick to jewelry pics on this thread, but her wedding dress was pretty rockin', too.
Goodness these actresses get married and divorced in a heartbeat. She was just married to another guy, and it seems like she just started dating this actor and she's already engaged... damn. Love her ring though.
Wow, I definitely love heart shaped jewelry, but I'm just on the fence about this ring. That stone, proportion-wise, is pretty much what I wanted to avoid in choosing my own heart shaped diamond. It's just too elongated and ''harsh'' for my taste - I like ''chubbier'' hearts. I wish I could see more of the setting, and I wish there was a color pic. The size/coverage is nice, though! Lol
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