celebrity engagement rings!


The Pink Orchid
I'm sorry, but yuck! They don't match at all.

I like Jessica Simpsons set but I'm thinking she might regret getting all diamonds. If she isn't wearing her ering, his ring with the lone ruby doesn't make sense. She should have rubies on her wedding band.
Oooh, I love Jessica's wedding ring! Meh on Eric's, though. It' sweet that they have the matching rubies, I guess, but it's just not my style.

Eh, I think Katherine Webb's wedding ring is probably just reflecting some yellowish/greeninsh light, and could possibly even be picking up some tones from the rose gold.
I agree, I don't really see her ering and wedding band going together, but I've never been a fan of enormous eternity rings paired with an ering, let alone a huge halo. Maybe she's not planning to wear them together? I do like the concept, though, with the pink diamond outlining white, and I think it could be quite nice on its own.
Ciara's e-ring is just SO. MUCH. BLING. I imagine it's not very comfortable to wear, being so thick a ring. And adding a matching wedding band would be too much. Like Kim Kardashian's previous set. : /

Maybe she'll just have that one ring. It certainly would fit as being both the e-ring and wedding ring, with its presence and style.
Hmmm. The center stone is not the center of attention, IMHO. I like the EB design and some of the ER design, but this doesn't make me want to say ''Yes''.
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bellatrix said:
Amal Alamuddin

It features an ethically mined emerald-cut diamond estimated at 7-plus carats and two tapered baguettes set in platinum.
Ermahgerd! How beautiful is her ring? And waking up with George wouldn't be too shabby either!
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pinksparklesnina said:
Andi Dorfman's beautiful e-ring from Josh Murray! Reported to be 4.4 tcw with a 3ct oval diamond, all set in platinum, Neil Lane.
I feel like I shouldn't like this, but it works imo.
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