celebrity engagement rings!

i thought this would be fun!

post your favorite celebrity engagement rings here! note the designer and the description if you can!

my favs:

kate hudson (platinum 5 ct art deco asscher cut by neil lane)

reese witherspoon (platinum 4 ct asscher by neil lane)

leann rimes (platinum 5ct cushion cut by neil lane)

Jamie-Lynn DiScala (6ct 3 stone emerald cut)

Catherine Zeta-Jones (10 ct Halo Marquise, East-West, platinum ring from Fred Leighton)

Carmen Electra (3-4 ct Tiffany platinum Solitare with band)

Shanna Moakler Barker (from MTV's Meet the Barkers, married to Travis Barker drummer of Blink 182) (pave solitaire with 2 pave diamond bands)

Jessica Simpson (3 ct pear with sidestones in platinum, plus band)



Oh, thanks so much for posting those! They are the best close-up shots I've seen.
Usually you just see a far away shot in a magazine with a small inset photo that looks nothing like the ring - you know the editors have just guessed - wrongly!!
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sebrunn you ROCK!!!! I am just dying (and drooling!!!) as I'm looking at these! I have always wanted to see Catherine's and until now it's been a mystery!


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Oh, how cool to see these rings up close! Catherine Zeta-Jones' ring is really interesting -- such a tubby little marquise. Love it! &lt;img src=''http://talk.jewelry/styles/default/xenforo/smilies/graemlins/default/drool.png'' alt='''' /&gt; &lt;img src=''http://talk.jewelry/styles/default/xenforo/smilies/graemlins/default/love.gif'' alt='''' /&gt; &lt;img src=''http://talk.jewelry/styles/default/xenforo/smilies/graemlins/default/cool.gif'' alt='''' /&gt; &lt;img src=''http://talk.jewelry/styles/default/xenforo/smilies/graemlins/default/laugh.gif'' alt='''' /&gt;
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I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Jamie Lynn Discala's ring!
That is gorgeous!!!! But you all know me and ECs...

BTW, remember the big debacle about Rachel ray's Ering a few months ago? I overdosed on the Food Network last week, while on vaca, and watched her show a lot. I'm positive her ring is a Tiffany solitaire with a 1-1.5ct warm diamond. It looked somewhat warm, like a J color, maybe. I'm very sure the setting was Tiffany's or a very close repro... band appeared to have small diamonds on it. Maybe channel set or a little bead set row.
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Fun!!! I have a great website bookmarked... I'll find it and post it.

But in the meantime:


Avril Levigne

Britney Spears

Christina Aguilera

Jennifer Garner

Katie Holmes

Nicole Ritchie

Nicollette Sheridan

Paris Hilton

Trisha Yearwood

Jennifer Aniston

Reese Witherspoon
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Camilla's ring was sadly not first offered to the late Princess Diana, which I think is very sad. Ring is valued at over 10 million dollars. Now while I enjoyed seeing her sapphire and diamond engagement ring, the fact that Prince Charles never offered it to her states a lot to me. Melania's ring is pure fairy tale to me!
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avril levine's is a 3ct tiffany, and nicollete sheridan's is a 1.76ct (1.15 center) tiffany ring and of course paris was rumored to be 24 ct cubic zirconia

christina aguileras was made by a british jeweler
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Great thread and pics, sebrunn!

I'm going to sticky this for viewing, dreaming and drooling.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH LAAAAAAA LAAAAAAAAA....total droolfest going on at my house!!!1
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here is the one nicole richie got as a new engagement ring after the pink one: (3 stone platinum ring (not sure of stone-maybe square emerald center with side stones), from XIV Karats, Ltd in Los Angeles)

Gwyneth Paltrow (halo emerald cut on pave band)

Kate Beckinsdale (east west emerald on a micropave band stacked with 2 bands, one a micropave band)

Kate Winslet (stacked rings)

Kelly Ripa (Tiffany platinum etoile band with diamonds stacked with a platinum round and baguette ring)


Jennifer Lopez (Harry Winston Pink Diamond (don't know shape) with sidestones)

Sophia Bush- (oval cut solitaire on half diamond band on platinum)



sebrunn, you're the best! You're finding ones I've always wanted to check out up close but could never find good pics of!! Thanks so much!! I've even been known to pause Tivo to see if I could see what Kelly Ripa pairs with her etoile band (I could tell it was an etoile but could never get a close up of the other band)...well, now I know! Thanks again!
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