CCKEYS used stolen images in her listings

Please be aware that seller CCKEYS posted multiple listings using images stolen from Pricescope and other online forums/sites of items that do not belong to her, including images that I took of my own items that were not for sale, nor in her possession, to be sold by her. I never granted her permission to use the images, nor was I contacted for permission. If she's selling items that look like that, she's using images that are not hers to sell them.

I have contacted her to remove them and upon receiving her reply, explained that just because an image is online doesn't grant permission to use the image. One of the listings was removed by her, but the other remained, containing images belonging to a good friend of mine (who actually is the person who initially alerted me!) It is my understanding that the other listing has since been removed.

Please be aware of this in the future if she returns.