calling SO-CAL ladies!

where is a good place geography wise to meet up? Orange County is usally a good middle ground.

i am in north san diego county but i know there's some in LA, OC, and San Bernardino counties too.
We were talking about the Irvine Spectrum. Does that work for you? I am not sure where at the Spectrum yet but I am sure we will find somewhere suitable!
We will talk about that privately though. We need to figure out a weekend..seems like September and stick with it.
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oh yeah the spectrum totally works, as does september. I think its safe to assume we should exlude Labor Day weekend from the options, so I think its between Sept 8, 15, 22, or 29

those all work for me!
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The Pink Orchid
I wanna come BUT only the 22nd would work for me.

I could just be there in spirit if you guys needed a different day though
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So, how'd it go?! Did all you ladies meet? Was the poor server completely blinded by the extraordinary and numerous flashes of bedazzling light?!
Yes, Dana, I did see that, thank you. I believe it was a second get-together. I hadn't seen the posts until now. Just wondering how it went, and when is the next one!:)

Dana ♥

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oh! ok, just making sure since the last post before yours was 7/16/2012, so it was the timing that got my attention.

imagine how much fun it could be to meet up someplace and get to play with the jewelry everybody brought :)