calling SO-CAL ladies!

wench, I think I'm going to alaska in september!

I'm in so cal...Elf, I think I'm very close to you.. lol
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haha i didn't realize it was that old of a thread- no wonder i forgot! i can't believe that much time has gone by wow
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I'm in SD, but it would be easy for me to get up to OC or LA.

Ginger- I feel the same way, but seeing everyone's current sparklies could help me be less indecisive I think. haha.
I'm in!

Can we do OC though? Sounds like a lot of us are in OC and it would be a good half-way point for those coming from LA and SD.
The Irvine Spectrum is like the block but in Irvine and not Orange. hehe
Its bigger probably then the block these days after they have expanded. Anyway, what do you ladies think of that location? Obviously we will discuss it privately for the day/time/place though.
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I am still not exactly sure how this works. LOL Do I show up with a bunch of rings on my hand that don't fit on other fingers properly or bring them in ring boxes or what?