BTD sales = +49%, some upcoming changes and improvements (ala new website :)


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Hi all,
I'll have to do more of a true Friday update, but wanted to highlight that sales for BTD have been jumping lately, +49% this past month.

Most popular has been our Amora and Phoenix Stud earrings (especially those sold via the 'overnight' option), along with loose gems of both. We are currently sold out of almost all our overnight studs.

Note that we also fell down on a couple of the overnight orders where our inventory was off by 1 (meaning we had none of that size in stock but our system had allowed an order) and we had to scramble hard to try and correct).

Thus, we're currently planning to make some strategic changes where we will be stocking a lot deeper for our Amora and Phoenix overnight earrings, as well as loose stones for both.
Correspondingly, we are going to reduce the number of rings and bands we offer in order to focus resources on expanding the inventory and scaling up of our best sellers (the Top 10).
The Top 10 basically breaks down as:
1 - Amora Eternity H&A loose gems
2 - Amora Eternity Stud earrings (overnight and regular)
3 - Regal ring
4 - 1895 ring
5 - 1895 band
6 - Takara H&A loose lab diamonds
7 - Cathedral ring
8 - Arista ring
9 - Phoenix Stud Earrings
10 - Phoenix loose gems

Thus, our plan is to expand our loose gems and stud earrings, continue to offer the top 5 rings and bands, but otherwise reduce the number of available rings and bands that are not top sellers. Similarly, we'll likely be phasing out most of our lab grown colored gems such as Avarra sapphire, etc.
The idea is that we should focus where we offer the most value, where value is based on votes by dollars :)

And by focusing, offer deeper inventory and faster shipping (i.e. more overnight earrings, stocked and ready to go).
Similarly, we're planning to make a new website with a much more modern and elegant look that should make ordering and browsing even easier.

We had paused Amora Gem production for several months but demand has started spiking again for Amora and so production is underway and we are working on new rough for Amora since we were nearly out of most sizes.
Thus, you'll see more restocks over the near term - 1ct size is still tricky though so that's the one size that may not be readily available anytime soon beyond what's left in production.

We'll be adding a few more fancy cuts to the Phoenix line (radiant and possibly Asscher cut) and working on more videos and photos to highlight those. (note the Phoenix OEC is outstanding).

Takara's are not likely to be restocked for a bit - growth of the larger sizes is continuing to be very challenging and expensive vs where we thought the tech would be at by now we're planning to focus primarily on expanding Amora and Phoenix for now and hopefully lab diamond growth tech improves over the next year to make larger Takara's more available.

I'll likely post some of the possible website 'styles' we're looking at to get your feedback if you are interested - should be fun to compare the different options there.

Hopefully we'll have a nice stock of overnight earrings and more Amora and Phoenix over the next few weeks to get ready for the exciting Holiday Season!
Amora Gem Inventory

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