Bronze Lily - anyone ever order from this website?

Hi everyone! I'm new here.

I had been looking for a huge cocktail ring with a huge emerald-cut solitaire topaz/quartz on a silver setting. I finally found Bronze Lily. They were selling exactly what I was looking for, at the right price!! I could not locate any other online merchant that carried these types of rings.

I purchased these 3 rings:
I was immediately charged $600 to my credit card that evening, even though I had not received notification that the rings had shipped.

Two weeks later, I emailed asking for an update, since I hadn't heard from them after the initial order confirmation. They responded that they were waiting for the shipment of one of the stones from abroad. A week later, I inquired again a couple of times, and they finally said that the rings were shipping "today", except that they ran out of gift boxes, so they "wouldn't be shipping today". HUH? That was 2 conflicting statements in the same email. Not only that, she also said that she had given me a "free upgrade" to a better setting. I had NOT wanted the fancier setting!! Plus, the return policy was 30 days and it was getting closer to that deadline - i didn't want to be stuck with a ring i didn't want.

It also bothered me that the emails were not very professional looking - there were lots of grammar and spelling errors. Even though I was getting very suspicious, I decided to wait it out. I replied that it was fine and I would wait.

In the next 4 weeks, I sent numerous emails asking for updates, but did not receive any response. My credit card payment was coming due. Although I really didn't want to dispute a charge and cause any trouble, jeopardizing my chance to receive the rings by ruining the relationship I had with the seller, I had no choice but to start a dispute with my credit card company. It's been 2 weeks since then (a total of 2 months) and I still haven't heard anything.

I found a phone number on the paypal receipt i had received, and tried calling and leaving a voicemail, but no response.

1. Has anyone else had experience with this vendor?
2. Does anyone know where else I can find these rings? I hate it how I hesitated to file a complaint with this merchant because they were the only merchants I found online selling these rings!!

Any comments would be appreciated.

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The Pink Orchid
Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I've never heard of them, and I hope that your credit card company is able to resolve the issue quickly for you. Hopefully one of the search goddesses on these forums can find you those rings! I'm coming up with nothin'. =(
I'm intrested how this situation worked out for the OP. Those rings are really something & it's too bad that it all had to go down in such a bad way.

Was there a resolution? An ending?
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