Broach that I was gifted 20 years ago

Hi there,
I was gifted this broach many years ago by a family friend and was wondering if it could possibly be of any value? It is not in the most perfect condition but it still boasts a green diamond as the eye of the bird and numerous diamonds on it, although some are missing.
I can see the hallmarks on it, they are difficult to read but I am pretty sure it says 830s and then there is another one but I cannot distinguish what it is.

Many thanks


Dana ♥

The Centenary Diamond
the little silvery-black stones are marcasite or pyrite, and the green one might be a tiny emerald.

i had loads of costume jewelry and silver jewelry with stones like that in the early 90s. sadly the little stones always had a habit of just falling off.

my guess is that it would be more sentimental value than anything.. there's a chance the pin itself might be silver, but it would be marked as such if that is the case.