I ended up ordering a loose CZ stone from on June 12th. The payment of $60 processed but I have not received my shipment nor is my order online updated with any shipping info. The status continues to say "pending". I have called 6 times in the last week to check status and 3 times a live person has answered "hello", and when I ask about my odrer they always just hang up on me. 3 times I have recieved the vm box of Cynthia and have now left 3 messages asking about my order. I have filed a complaint with BBB and my bank. This company is clearly no longer in business but have not taken down their website. DO NOT ORDER anything from this website. This is one of the companies that "The Diamond Guy" recommended as having some of the best CZ simulants. I'm also going to send him a message.
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Sorry to hear that you have been scammed
This happened to me recently when I ordered a watch online.They scammed me out of hundreds of pounds! I hope you can get your money back.
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