- anyone???

#1 - I know, they don't make body jewelry or anything like that at all

I am hoping I have the correct Forum/place of posting for this topic. I just need to know if anyone has had any experience with the online vendor. They hand cut their owns CZ's and I am really interested in setting this;x=0&y=0

Any feedback or recommendation as to where I might be able to get a very similar set. I am particularly interested in the Cartier Rolling Ring but will not shy away from getting the whole set if the price is right. Or if you've had a pretty good experience, pls let me know, I might have them work on the set for me (?).

I've searched reviews online on this vendor who is out ot Las Vegas, and nothing has come up. Additionally, I found a clearance ring that I'd like to purchase, in 14kg but for the price, I'd like to get it anyways. Just needed to know if I need to steer clear from them or what...

Thanks in advance.
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I bought a ring from them years ago, maybe around 1999/2000. The stone was terrible, the ring lightweight, and I feel I totally overpaid for what I received. I don't remember what the drama was about at the time, but they said it was a final sale and refused to issue a refund.

I sold it on eBay at a huge loss......
Hi MGR and Sparklee - thanks for the feedback. I was really itching, very tempted to do the purchase of the sale item 3-stone ring and order the Brooke Shield's replica set. I knew I could count on this board when I was posting my inquiry. Thanks again and, looks like my search continues!


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well if they r selling "interlaps" that arent interlaps i wouldnt be surprised if they arent selling real ashas...or at least mixing some non ashas here and there:S
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I purchased a pair of stud earrings from them and their customer service stinks. I'm not that impressed with the earrings. I have a cheaper pair that I bought from Carat who is based out of Hong Kong and they are much nicer.
Do not buy from this company. Quality of their cz's is horrible. They say their For Now stones are their best but they look like cheap glass. Their customer service is horrible. I've been trying to get a refund for almost a month now and the owner Cynthia won't return my emails or phone calls. I wish I would have read up on them before wasting $400.
I don't know how they stay in business. I have reported them to the BBB but they haven't responded to them either.
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