Board Rules, Guidelines and Expectations:


[COLOR= #FF6666]Board rules:[/COLOR]

The basic ground rules for posting to our board are simple: use common courtesy, common sense, common decency and don't break the law. We will strictly enforce the policies outlined both here, and we reserve the right to remove, modify or move posts at our discretion and without explanation. We also reserve the right to modify the rules and guidelines at our discretion as we deem necessary.

- Users are permitted a maximum of one account per person. Please consider your username carefully when setting up your account as no accounts will be deleted or usernames changed.

- Rudeness will not be tolerated, including harassing other members and/or posting inappropriate remarks, this includes remarks about religion, politics, race, ethnic background, and sexual preference.

- The posts you have made here remain the property of the BTD Board, we will NOT delete them.

- Members may not use post discussions to recommend, praise, or belittle other products or services, or any company without first-hand knowledge and experience of those products or services.

- Do not SPAM our members in any manner. Doing so will result in your account being immediately locked. If any member receives such unsolicited contact, please inform an Administrator or Moderator immediately.

- Political, religious and sexual avatars and taglines are not allowed.

- In order to post a link to your business, or a signature line, you are required to have been a member for at least 1 month, and have made 50 substantive posts.

- Please keep religious and political postings off the boards.

- Please refrain from posting requests for ''moral support,'' prayers, etc. Due to past dissension caused by moral support topics, such topics will be locked and/or deleted, at the Moderators' discretion.

- Selling on the boards is not permitted in any way. If you are a jeweler, sales representative, or vendor of some sort, your opinions and expertise are always welcome; however, direct or indirect solicitation of your services or products will not be tolerated on this board. Please note that we do have some vendors on this board who have their own forums (all of who have earned the privilege by way of adhering to board guidelines ), but they do not sell or conduct business on the public forum.

BetterThanDiamond Board Warning System: First offense will result in being issued ONE Official Warning from a BTD Administrator or Moderator via Personal Message (PM). This warning may include a 3 to 14 day account suspension and is not subject to discussion or debate. A second offense will result in your removal from the BTD Board Member List and your IP Address will be banned without further explanation.

*We reserve the right to suspend or revoke user activity immediately in the event of fraudulent activity/transactions, misuse, or abuse of these forums.

* We reserve the right to modify, delete, remove, edit threads, taglines and posts as necessary. Our purpose is to maintain the boards as a light-hearted, fun, and informative community. If we feel a post, thread or tagline is offensive, rude, derogatory, or inappropriate, we will take action.

- Trolling: A ''Forum Troll'' is a person whose only intention is stirring up controversy. The troll posts inflammatory and argumentative messages to provoke people to respond. The Forum Trolls primary goal is to create discord within a forum. These discussions usually end in name calling, flame wars and moderators are forced to lock threads and ban members.

Trolling causes problems within the forum. Firstly, our members get annoyed when their civilized discussion is turned into ridiculous arguments, and secondly it creates work for our moderators. The best response is to ignore the troll and report the post to a forum moderator. The moderators will usually remove the troll messages and ban their accounts. Discussion is fine. Childish mud fights or bullying tactics are not acceptable and trolling is a waste of time and resources.

Trolling in any form is prohibited and will be dealt with by banning with no warning.

[COLOR= #FF6666]Expected of all members:[/COLOR]

A welcoming attitude: we are a close community, not a closed community~new members enjoy being welcomed warmly and appreciate the opportunity to become valued, helpful, long-term participants.

Recognition of special events: birthdays, anniversaries, status changes, etc., don't leave these milestones for a Mod to post up the recognition~get involved and show others how much they mean to you.

To remember that this board is first and foremost a jewelry board: while the social forums can be soothing and a lot of fun, if you have the knowledge or know where to find the info needed in other areas, please share~it's the essence of what we're here for and so greatly appreciated.

To contain post topics to their relevant areas as much as possible: we've never been overly picky about threads going off-topic and I think that contributes a great deal to the charm of this board, however, some topics just do not belong everywhere on the board or to show up in every thread. Everyone is able to make new threads, please make use of that option where appropriate rather than override an existing one. Please remember that using common courtesy, common sense, and common decency go a very long way toward ensuring a pleasant board experience for all.

To be your own post police: to participate within the board's rules and guidelines, to be aware of what you are showing the world, don't wait for the Mods to play clean-up crew~we all need to take responsibility for our own postings.

Whether an occasional poster or dedicated 'boardie', we would like to work together to make and keep this very special place a wonderful, warm, informative, sharing and caring top-notch online community! \:D
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Clarification for Board discussion

The BTD discussion board is hosted by BetterThanDiamond; the focus of this board is primarily on jewelry.

Please refrain from posting requests for ''moral support,'' prayers, etc. Due to past dissension caused by moral support topics, such topics will be locked and/or deleted, at the Moderators' discretion.

In the past, the board owner experimented with having a moral support forum and it simply did not complement the focus of this board, so it was removed.

The intent in this is to keep the board well balanced, light, enjoyable and functional.
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ATTENTION new members


And I do not mean all new members, only the select few who have recently started coming here specifically to harass other members and/or post inappropriate remarks to others' threads...these actions will not be tolerated on this board. Such inappropriate posts will be deleted and the user making them will be subject to suspension/banning.

We are a very welcoming, generous group and we'd love to have everyone who wants to become a part of it join us in the fun. But we will neither welcome nor tolerate abusiveness.

Thank you.