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Thought I'd share my daughters new phone case. She found this website online that makes blinged out phone cases so she had them custom make this one for her - she loves purple!!!! Unfortunately pics don't show up the amount of sparkly crystal gems all over this cover. It really is cute!!!!

I think I want one in black and white. Is it inappropriate for a 50-yr old woman to carry a blinged out phone?!?!

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I think I'd use E6000 instead of hot glue. These would be great to make as gifts for girls for Christmas! Or even a fun project for long as the girls are old enough not to glue their fingers together, lol.

When I saw the one with the spikes I remembered that DD told me how the girls at school tuck their phones in their bra. Not sure where to put the spike phone...not in your bra or pocket for sure!

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Bethany said:
It looks great! There are a few on that site I really want! and there's also one which has long spikes on it! ouch!
i doubt many folks here would get the reference, but that spiky phone cover reminds me of the Dethklok phones!
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I adore it!!

I hope they make one for my Samsung Charge. It also has an extended battery. I just checked. They don't.
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