Bling Jewelry - Thumbs Up!

I ordered a couple of pieces from Bling Jewelry and I am REALLY happy with them! I was surprised. I like these pieces better than my Berricle ones, and they were a lot cheaper.

I will grab some pics later today, but the only one that isn't believable is the 3.5ct round tiffany solitaire, which is just too big a rock for my hand. The quality of the settings is really good and these things SPARKLE!
here's pictures!

3.5ct round in rose gold solitaire:

3 stone emerald cut with emerald cuts down the sides:

Pink and white eternities:

Tiffany style 1.5ct round with channel set band:

please excuse dirty blanket and dry hands. I think the most expensive piece was the tiffany style channel set? at $49 for the two pieces. They have 20% off orders over $100.

I am going to do some baking but I REALLY like these!