First, I’d like to say I’ve purchased several pieces of jewelry on and I’ve always been very, very happy. Sellers have all been honest and professional, and nice and easy to do business with, and my purchases have always turned out to be exactly what I thought I was buying.

However… I recently purchased a Peachy Pink Moissanite ring from Yana (“Kuklyana”) - she was asking US$ 555. I offered $450 for the ring and said that I would happily pay the shipping costs if she agreed to go to the post office and use Priority Mail (or Express International to Canada, or whatever works best and has tracking & insurance). I specifically said, “I've found that with the private shippers like UPS and Fed Ex, I always end-up having problems with customs, waiting forever, being charged extra taxes, duty, and so on”. Those were my exact words - I was very clear - please do NOT use UPS! I mentioned the words “post office” and “mail”, several times in my emails. I told her that priority mail usually costs about $25 and takes 2-3 days (that's been my experience in the past, getting items from the US to Canada). The reason I wanted to pay for the mail myself was to avoid having her possibly choose a less expensive option, without tracking or insurance. After emailing her to say that I’d sent the money via PayPal (including the extra $25 for the mail), I wrote, “Thanks for using the post office to send this, I appreciate it!”. She even responded, "thanks for all the information about shipping and customs".

The next day, I get a text from Yana with a receipt attached for $50 for shipping, with an expected delivery date of 6 days later. I thought that was strange…but then I see “UPS Store” at the top of the receipt. I texted her back right away, “Why did you go to UPS? I specifically asked you please NOT to use UPS and you agreed to go to the post office and use the mail - that was our agreement!”. Her response was, “Elisha, you might be surprised, it will all work” (her exact words!). Really? I don’t want to be surprised by UPS, I’ve used them before and was not at all satisfied - in fact, I swore I’d NEVER use them again. I explained that UPS has their own customs brokers who add hefty fees for “handling your package through customs”. It’s a scam. They add HUGE additional charges mid-shipment, when you have no choice but to pay - they don’t say anything about this before you send the package, when you can still change your mind or use another shipping method! Sure enough, a few days later I check the tracking online and it says, “Further action is required”, and there’s a bill attached for $150 Canadian (that's about $115 U.S.)!! Of the bill, only $29 was taxes - there is no duty on jewelry from the U.S. to Canada, so $30 is about what I had expected to pay in taxes - but that’s ALL I had expected to have to pay on this end. The other $120 was UPS “customs brokerage charges”. I was so upset, this brings the cost of the ring way up from what I’d budgeted for. I emailed Yana to tell her about the extra charges - I thought maybe she could try to dispute them or something, since UPS never mentioned anything about it beforehand (I'm sure), but she never responded to me (I never heard back from her after, “don’t worry, it will all work out”).

On the delivery date, I wait at home until 7pm but the package never arrives (online, it only says, “by end of day”, so you have to wait around all day). I call UPS and they tell me, “It will probably come tomorrow”. I wait all day again the next day, and when I phone, their response is, “I’m sorry, we’re very busy, it will probably come tomorrow”. On the third day, I get a message from UPS saying, “Package undeliverable - street number incorrect”. Yana wrote my address down incorrectly (I confirm this when I finally see the box the next day). When I emailed her with my address, I even clarified, “Our avenue is actually “58'A' (that's not an error)”, but she still wrote down “58 Avenue”. So, I call UPS (again) to give them the correct address. It’s December and like everyone else, I’m super, not wanting to wait around my house all day again for the third time (up until 7pm for a package that may or may not arrive), I tell them that I’ll just pick it up. So, I end-up having to drive to the UPS customer service office, which is nowhere near my house, of course. By the way, each time I had to phone UPS it was a minimum of 15-20 minutes. One time, they left me on hold for like 20 minutes and then hung up, so I had to start all over again! In the end, it took numerous phone calls and 10 days to get the ring, and it cost me $150 on top of the US $475 I sent Yana ($450 for the ring and $25 for shipping). I had told Yana in the beginning that if the mail ended-up costing more than $25, I would send her another money transfer to cover the difference. And, I would happily have done that, had she kept her word and used the mail like I asked. However, now it’s costing me $150 to receive it, so we are splitting the shipping costs (she should really be paying the UPS customs brokers fees, too, since she chose to go to UPS for some unknown reason). The United States Postal Service and Canada Post do not charge any sort of extra brokerage fees or customs fees, you only pay the taxes owing and duty (if there is any duty).

This seller is incompetent and lacks the ability to follow simple written instructions, or even get an address right. I was obviously upset that she was costing me all this extra time and money, but I was never mean or rude in any way, in any of my emails to her. Ultimately, she doesn’t seem to care about her customers - after receiving her money, I didn’t hear back from her again. She never bothered to apologize, either - not for failing to use the post office, like she agreed, and not for ultimately costing me an EXTRA $125….not even for for getting my address wrong! She obviously just doesn’t care.

In the end, it was actually probably a good thing that there was a payment due on this package, or else the driver could have just left it on someone else's front porch (which UPS is known to do!). Because I wouldn’t pre-pay the $150 invoice online, prior to delivery (obviously!), UPS got me for another $5 in COD charges when I picked it up (even though they never did deliver the package!).


:oops: Wow what a nightmare! I cant imagine the frustration that you went through to just receive your purchase. I agree that UPS is terrible as a choice for shipping out of country because of the brokerage fees and such. So sorry that you had to go through this right in the middle of the Christmas season. Thanks for sharing.. Hope your ring was beautiful!;)
:oops: Wow what a nightmare! I cant imagine the frustration that you went through to just receive your purchase. I agree that UPS is terrible as a choice for shipping out of country because of the brokerage fees and such. So sorry that you had to go through this right in the middle of the Christmas season. Thanks for sharing.. Hope your ring was beautiful!;)

Thank you... yes, the ring is absolutely stunning - I love it! It's exactly as she advertised - she said that she rarely wore it and it definitely looks brand new (very sparkly, no scratches, etc.). It has a 14K white gold band with moissanite side stones, with a 1.81 ct (7mm) cushion cut peachy pink moissanite center stone set in 14K rose gold with double prongs. I brought it to my jeweller and he verified that it matches what was advertised (and the receipt from MoissaniteCo that sh my ring 2 copy.jpg e included). He seemed quite impressed - he said that it was in beautiful condition and that it was a good buy. Even though I ended-up paying more than I'd hoped to, I love it and I'm very happy. I understand that they're no longer selling the "peachy pink" moissanite stones, so I've been looking for one of these for a long time and this one was exactly the right size and shape!