Ballroom Pic of Mr. and Mrs. Mike


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Hi All. A few months ago I posted a thread asking for your advice on a necklace to go with one of my ballroom dresses. I ended up not wearing that dress, but I promised to post a picture of us, so here it is:

Oh, and I will be getting a round green moissy to go with this dress:



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Goodness, you guys are a gorgeous couple! And what a beautiful dress, Jera. You both looks so happy and exhilarated. Had you just won or placed where you wanted?


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Thank you! I don't remember exactly when this was taken, but we did get first place in the amateur couples in both smooth and rhythm categories.


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Gorgeous dress . . . you and Mike are quite the handsome couple . . . and I would LOVE to see a YouTube video of you two dancing!!! (hint)
Aww! So cool to put faces to the usernames here! Beautiful couple! My 6mo old son is on my lap right now and he's smiling looking the 2 of you! (true story!)

Congrats on getting 1st place!
And yes a video would be awesome!
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Oh my goodness, aren't the two of you just one of the cutest couples I have ever seen! I adore the dress, and I bet the green moissy will look just fabulous with it. Congrats on placing first!


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How sweet! Thank you so much. I'll see what I can do about a video. We have some from the competition, but they have to be broken up to be uploaded.
That dress looks amazing on you, and you are an absolutely adorable couple!! Thanks for posting this - it's nice to have a face to place with the sparklies.
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dawnykcnkj said:
Wow! You are gorgeous and look like a princess with her prince! So fun! Gotta see that green moissy!
YAY! ou just made my whole day!

Thank you everyone, you are really making me blush. Your compliments are so kind.
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OMfreakinG! You two are such a good looking couple! You are so gorgeous, Jera! I love the dress. You will need a REALLY large green moissy to wear with it. ;P
Congrats on the win!

I have family who use to compete in ballroom dancing for over 20 years! They are in their 60's and 70's now though. They are always so much fun at weddings.
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Wow, thank you so much

I'm wearing just the eternity band from my wedding set. I keep my engagement ring in the safe when I travel.
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You two are such an amazingly attractive couple! So many people commenting on your dress, I think you two could wear burlap sacks and look fantastic!